Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Thimbleberry Plants, Ferns and Wild Raspberry Bushes

The thimbleberry plants with their beautiful white flowers are blooming in great abundance right now at the Arrow Lake. Their fruit is almost inedible, as it has too many seeds and too little flavour. On one of their leaves I captured a fascinating bug taking a nap in the hot afternoon sun. Ferns are everywhere in the woods and their leaves forever impress me with their forms and shapes. In my search for new aspects of nature I also came across a wild raspberry patch, which attracted dozens of bumblebees. Ignoring the more attractive flowers of the ubiquitous thimbleberry, they zeroed in on the humble raspberry flower. They were too quick for me to catch them with my camera. Enjoy.



  1. Amy · June 5

    That bug shot is amazing. Any idea what kind of insect that is? Lovely photos, Peter!

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    • Peter Klopp · June 5

      Robert Parker said it is the blister beetle. Google it for some really interesting information on this insect, Amy.

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  2. Pit · June 5

    Great pictures, Peter! 🙂

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  3. Robert Parker · June 5

    Nice photos, and my favorite is the slanted fern shot. Is it a blister beetle?

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    • Peter Klopp · June 5

      I didn’t know until now. I google the name, and yes it is the blister beetle.


  4. Pure Glory · June 5

    Peter, so enjoy your photos and the perspective that they show. Thank you for sharing the beauty from the Arrow Lake area.

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  5. kopfundgestalt · June 5

    That bug i captured some time ago but forgot it’s name. 😉 Seems to be a “weichkäfer”.

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  6. Stella, oh, Stella · June 5

    What a beautiful beetle, Peter!
    The picture with the fern shows it from a very interesting angle, were you on your knees again? 😉

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  7. Jodi · June 5


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  8. Nurul Fitri Lubis · June 5

    Lovely pictures, as usual Peter. It seems that you have beautiful sunny day there..

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  9. Steve Schwartzman · June 6

    The name thimbleberry seemed familiar. Sure enough, when I looked back at my visit to the Canadian Rockies in 2017, I confirmed that I’d photographed the fruit in late August:

    Living in that area, you’re fortunate to enjoy the pretty flowers earlier in the season, like the one in your first photograph.

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    • Peter Klopp · June 6

      I clicked on the link and found the photo of the mature thimbleberry. Great shot, Steve!


      • Steve Schwartzman · June 6

        Thanks. I would’ve asked if you’ve enjoyed thimbleberry fruit except that in your text you say it’s almost inedible. Not so the fruit of the Rubus trivialis that grows abundantly in Texas, which is delicious.

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      • Peter Klopp · June 8

        It must be a different variety. I definitely don’t like the taste of the thimbleberries that grow here in our area.


      • Steve Schwartzman · June 8

        Yes, it’s a different Rubus species.

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      • Peter Klopp · June 9

        Thanks for the clarification, Steven!


  10. arv! · June 6

    Looks like summer is almost here

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  11. Su Leslie · June 6

    Beautiful. I particularly like the fern shot; it’s stunning.

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  12. Ankur Mithal · June 11

    I am guessing you are now in the best part of the year. On the other side of the world, we are in the worst, with temperatures upto 47C (which is 116.6F). Waiting for the monsoon to break in the next three weeks.

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    • Peter Klopp · June 12

      I consider 30C very hot, yet ,tolerable, but at 47 I would die. I hope you are getting some relief soon, Ankur.


      • Ankur Mithal · June 12

        Thank you Peter. Relief normally arrives in the form of the monsoon towards the end of June, driving temperatures to under 40.

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  13. jml297 · June 12

    Fabulous photos and I am now imagining bumblebees flying at great speed – some things are so tricky to capture with a camera 😊

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  14. Sarah · June 21

    Wonderful captures, Peter! Ferns are really fascinating – a very successful plant that hasn’t change much since it appeared first. 😊

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    • Peter Klopp · June 22

      Yes, at one time they grew as tall as trees. Thank you for your kind comment, Sarah!


  15. Howcum your pics are so good? Help! 🙂

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