1. jeannette-paterakis · November 6

    Traumhaft schön,der goldene Herbst ist abgebildet . Wie schön doch all die Jahreszeiten sind.Liebe Grüsse und eine wunderbare Zeit wünsche ich dir und den deinen


  2. kopfundgestalt · November 6

    Sehr hübsche Fliege, ganz klar umrissen. (Du weisst, Ehrlichkeit ist oberstes Gebot).
    Eine Art Schimmer ist auch im Auge zu erkennen.

    Chapeau 🙂


  3. The Cedar Journal · November 6



  4. Amy · November 6

    You’ve left me speechless also—and that’s hard to do!

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  5. Su Leslie · November 6

    I’m feeling rather like Amy Peter. These are so beautiful.

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  6. Splendid autumn impressions, Peter. I see rosehips, which I love as a jam, Hagebuttenmarmelade. What are the white berries in the third image, they look kind of familiar , but I won’t name it. Enjoy those lake days.


    • Peter Klopp · November 7

      Hagebuttenmarmelade, das ist etwas Neues. Ich bin sicher, das die Marmelade sehr gesund ist mit dem reichhaltigen Vitamin C. Many thanks for your kind comment, Cornelia!


  7. Pure Glory · November 6

    Peter, love your the photos and beauty of Arrow Lakes. So glad you captured the images and shared them with your readers. Thank you!

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  8. Sartenada · November 6

    Wow, how beautiful. I am glad that you showed us this place Thank you

    Have a good day!

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  9. Rashmi Gopal Rao · November 7


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  10. Des · November 7

    Nice shots, Peter. For whatever reason, the last one made me laugh. What a handsome fly that is! Des

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  11. Beautiful!!

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  12. crowcanyonjournal · November 7

    I agree with all of the above –you don’t need words with pictures like these!

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  13. Robert Parker · November 7

    I like those red berries, and then the equally vivid red eyes on that fly.

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  14. Ankur Mithal · November 8

    The same place keeps throwing up picturesque surprises at every turn. I am sure if you take a picture the next year from the same spot with the same angle, it will throw up different images and more surprises.

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    • Peter Klopp · November 9

      So true! Every photographer should keep what your are saying in mind. There are infinitely many variations of the same object under the constantly changing light conditions.


  15. Debra · November 9

    Einfach nur schön!

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  16. Deeksha Pathak · November 20

    Who needs words when we witness such awesome photography!!

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