Fauquier on a Foggy and Drizzly Morning …

Dreary days in February often make me feel sad and even depressed, when the sun refuses to show its cheerful face. The iron man with his snow-capped head at a neighbors’ fence seems to express that melancholy feeling as if to say, “Is winter not over yet?”

Last Sunday morning I went for a walk taking the big loop around our little town. Armed with my camera I was determined to show and to prove that there is beauty even under an overcast sky with dense fog hanging heavily over the Arrow Lake.

The air was mild, almost springlike. While there was still lots of snow, it was plain that winter was on the retreat. Melt water had formed many puddles on the street, which intrigued me with their beautiful reflections. Water droplets were hanging like precious pearls from the slender twigs of wild rose bushes. To a casual observer there is nothing special about them until one discovers the images that their tiny frog lenses produce. Having captured these wonderful impressions with heart and camera, I felt cheerful in spite of an otherwise gray and dreary February morning in Fauquier, BC.

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