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About Us

Hello! My name is Peter. My wife Gertrud and I have been living in the small community of Fauquier BC for over 35 years. Here we raised our five boys in the beautiful environment at the Lower Arrow Lake surrounded by lush forests and snow-capped mountains. If one considers that I changed residence at least a dozen times in the first half of my life, one must conclude that Fauquier in spite of its remoteness from the major population centers must have plenty of things to offer to attract people and make them stay. I discovered to my dismay that very little had been written about our small community of some 200 people, its points of interest and attractions not just for tourists traveling through, but for its residents as well. On a separate page I will attempt to fill this gap by talking about its wonderful location, natural wonders, genuine four-season climate, its friendly people who have chosen to live here either to raise a family or simply to retire in a peaceful rural setting.

My wife and I originally come from Germany and have made Canada our home. The fascinating story about our plans to begin a new life so far away from parents, relatives, and friends will also form an important part of this blog. I will write about our family history in book form beginning with my grandparents, who lived in the former German province of Pomerania. Then I will tell the story about my family and their ordeals during the closing days of World War II and their new beginning in postwar West Germany.

My wife’s nickname is Biene, a German word, which means ‘bee’. As a little girl she was very much afraid of bees. So they gave her this name, by which she has been and still is well-known to family and friends. Biene is presently writing about her side of the family in her own blog ‘This Miraculous Life’, which she had started a couple of months ago. You can read about her exciting life experiences at, a site, which I think is truly worth visiting often.

As to me and my blog, I would like to emphasize that apart from a photo gallery that will highlight my passion for nature and God’s wonderful creation and apart from showcasing the beauty of our community located in the West Kootenays, I will focus with few exceptions on what the title of my blog and the header are suggesting: thoughts, dreams, reflections, and stories on everything that is worth sharing with family and friends.

Arrow Lakes

My Wife and I Relaxing at the Beach


49 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Elissaveta

    Stumbled here via Emma’s blog (bluchickenninja) and now you’ve got me intrigued. We seem to be sharing a lot (including how far away we live from our roots) and I will be back to explore your blog.

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Ja, du hast schon recht. Doch darfst deinem Opa nicht böse sein. Nicht alle haben das Talent oder den Willen zu schreiben. Vielleicht kannst du später einmal eure Familiengeschichte schreiben. Viele liebe Grüße aus dem verschneiten Kanada!


  2. maryannniemczura

    I am so glad I stopped by to visit. Your area sounds wonderful. I just retired from teaching German and studied in Heidelberg and taught twice as a Fulbright teacher in Germany. We make Upstate NY our home where I too enjoy four seasons.

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  3. jon copps

    I have a Vaki batik 5 ‘(lateral) x2’ given to my father ,Dr Henry Copps, by artist Jack Wise before he moved to the NW from Florida in the early to mid-60’s. I will try to upload an image of the work if you are interested in viewing it. I look forward to finding out more about Bill Laux and his work. I am thinking also that you may have been acquainted with Jack Wise – he created mandalas in his later works before he passed.

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      That sounds great. I have access to the Bill Laux collection in the Fauquier Communication Centre and will try to publish more of his work later this coming winter. It would be best to attach the image to an email at I could then publish it on my blog. Thank you for your interest, Jon!


  4. Dina

    Nice to meet you and Biene, Peter. Thanks for following The World according to DIna. 🙂
    I’m a Norwegian living mostly in England and Germany and Klausbernd is German, living in Norfolk, UK.
    Greetings from two expats,
    Dina 🙂

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  5. Ankur Mithal

    Glad to meet you and know about your way of life. About a year back I read a book titled “A Brutal Telling” that is set around a small community in a remote place in Canada amid lush surroundings. Your blog reminded me of that book.

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  6. beetleypete

    It looks as if you have found an idyllic place to settle. The journey of your family from Germany to Canada will make excellent material for your blog, I have no doubt.
    Many thanks for following my own blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes from England, Pete.

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Wesel’s claim to fame is not only the mayor of Wesel, whose echo came back as Esel (Ass), but also the depressing fact that Wesel turned out to be the most thoroughly bombed out city of WW2. Less of 2% of the houses were still standing. Due to Nazi propaganda as an impenetrable fortress on the Rhine, the Allied forces took no chances and gave the weakly defended city a taste of the infamous carpet bombing. Even more than 10 years after the war, I was still playing with my friends in the ruins. Your master will know this for sure. Thanks for taking the time to respond!


    2. Peter Klopp Post author

      Dear beetleypeter, you may have wondered about my comment and perhaps even questioned my sanity. The comment was meant for another blogger located on the list below yours. My sincerest apologies!



    Es ist eindeutig von Vorteil, wenn man Eltern hat(te), die auch bereit waren, über die Vergangenheit zu sprechen. Ich hab leider nur viele Fotos (beginnend in den 40er Jahren) aber keine Hintergrundinfos. Was hat mein Vater als Soldat in Danzig getan während des 2. Weltkrieges oder in Riga, wo er auch war? Ausser Fotos ist mir nichts geblieben, denn diese unsäglichen 50er-Jahre (und danach genauso) waren gezeichnet durch Verdrängen, Schweigen und Schwelgen im Konsumrausch. Immerhin der Ahnenpass meines Vaters und Ariernachweis (noch nicht behördlich abgestempelt) ist noch vorhanden – ein Mysterium, das jetzt nicht mehr so einfach zu lüften ist.

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Bei mir war es nicht anders. Als ich die Gelegenheit als junger Mensch hatte, mit meinen Verwandten über Familie und deren Schicksal zu sprechen, war ich noch nicht interessiert. Gesprochen wurde über die Ereignisse im 2. Weltkrieg sehr wenig. Doch habe ich das Glück, ein Buch, das ein entfernter Vetter von mir über die Klopp Familie geschrieben hat, zu besitzen. Das übersetze ich nach und nach für unsere Nachkommen in Kanada ins Englische. Vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar!

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        Ich hatte letzthin einen Film über Israel gesehen, und da war das mit der Verdrängung noch schlimmer, weil den Überlebenden des Holocaust wurde quasi unterstellt, dass sie sich nicht gegen den Nazi-Terror gewehrt hätten und quasi selber schuld an ihrem Schicksal wären. Ziemlich krass! Das Ergebnis: in der israelischen Gesellschaft konnte jahrzehntelange nicht von direkt Betroffenen des Holocaust über das Erlebte und die Zeit gesprochen werden – eine traumatisierte Gesellschaft.


  8. Makayla Nielson

    I’m so excited to start following your blog! Not only am I interested in family history and genealogy, I also have a touch of wanderlust and enjoy learning about new places (and hope to travel some day!). I look forward to learning from you.


    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Dear friend of my family blog, I would be very happy to assist you with your blog some time in the New Year. It is truly rewarding to search and find old family stories and photos and put them together into a cohesive and interesting piece of writing. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Good luck on your adventure into your family’s past!


  9. Amy

    Your story sounds fascinating! I am already so far behind though—what’s the best way to catch up? Where in Germany are you from? We will be heading there in a couple of weeks!

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Amy, I realize that there is a lot of reading on my blog. It all depends. If you are interested in a true and at times brutally honest love story, click on the Klopp Family tab and navigate to chapter 21. You find it easy to catch up with the story still in progress. For your own writing on your family journey I recommend compiling your work on a separate page in chronological order. Each time you write a relevant post, copy and paste it to the family page. My wife and I have been in Canada for the past 50 years. Thank you very much, Amy, for your interest!


      1. Amy

        Thanks, Peter—I will check out chapter 21. Your suggestion is a good one, and I should at some point do that. Right now I am so busy doing the actual research and writing up before I forget what I’ve learned that I’ve no time for reorganizing what’s already been done. But some day….

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Hello Elisabeth,
      sometimes one needs to take the initiative. I clicked on your link to your blog, which I am following. I am so glad you took the time to reply. I will be looking out for the notification from your blog, Elisabeth. Thanks again!


  10. wordsfromanneli

    Hi Peter,
    I’ve read a bit about your father’s history. Such hard and sad times. So much suffering! My own family history has elements of the same. I wrote about it in a fictionalized novel about my mother’s life. It’s called Julia’s Violinist. In case you are interested, it’s available on amazon and Or if you are on my wordsfromanneli blog, you can just click on the image of the book cover or on my website.
    What a time to be alive. It was all about staying alive! We are so lucky today.
    All the best,
    Anneli Purchase

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  11. Jochen Happel

    Especially at the last days of a year is some time to remember. So I am glad that I found your blog which brought me back to certain wonderful moments of my life. Thank you for that. Note that two pictures in chapter 25 of the Klopp book I are mirrored. That is the one with the sheep and the one with the new church of Watzenborn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      I am glad to hear that you like my blog. The photos of Watzenborn were scanned from slides and were most likely flipped in the process. I wonder how you know this little place near Giessen. Happy New Year!


      1. Jochen Happel

        I lived in the Liebigstr. 12 at the time the photos were made. The dog the photo of which is in chapter 22 part V was my mothers dog. I spent some 40 years in Siegen and worked mostly for Philips and DEC. Now, after I am retired I moved back to Liebigstraße 12. I found your remarkeble blog by chance. Since I always look for postcards of Watzenborn I found one announced at ebay. There was a senders address at the back of the card: Günther Kegler, Liebigstraße 10! So I searched for that name and found your blog.We should know each other but I can’t remember.
        I wish you a happy and healthy New Year 2018.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Peter Klopp Post author

        Jochen, this is not the first time that someone stumbled upon my blog and discovered we had something in common. But your case is quite remarkable in that my uncle, mother and two aunts lived next door. You might know the little girl who played Memory games with me in 1964 and always beat me. I believe our neighbour’s name was Uhmann or something close to that. Where did you learn, if I may ask, such a flawless English? Who received my uncle’s card? Again what an amazing coincidence that you found my blog. Happy New Year!


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