Highlights of the Summer 2015

Enjoyable Visit with our Son Anthony and his Partner Lisa in Victoria (3)

A definite highlight of our visit was a trip to the Victoria harbor, where Tony went shopping for our evening meal at the local fish market. Wild Pacific salmon and halibut are so fresh – so I am told – that only a few hours before they land in the customer’s shopping bag they were still roaming in the nearby ocean waters. In the meantime Gertrud and I took in the colorful sight of this busy tourist attraction at the water’s edge. Some brightly painted homes here were actually boats that were permanently moored at a huge ramp-like structure, which looked more like a street with a board walk.

Boats Serving as Permanent Housing

Colorful Boats Serving as Permanent Homes

Early in the morning, when everyone else was still sleeping, I sneaked out of the house and strolled down to the beach. In the cool air it took me less than five minute.s to reach the ocean..There my friends, the seagulls, greeted me with their raucous cries.Canada geese seemed to have made Victoria their permanent home. On another morning I was lucky to encounter a blue heron, which was feeding at low tide on the barnacles clinging to a concrete wave breaker. Accustomed to human beings it allowed me to come close enough for a great picture of this majestic bird.


Blue Heron Surveying Barnacles on the Breakfast Menu

To be continued …

6 thoughts on “Highlights of the Summer 2015

  1. I am using a Canon SX 280 HS. Sometimes I’d wish I had a DSL camera,but the one I have produces fairly decent images. It comes with manual controls over exposure, shutter speed and focus, which I like very much. When will you be returning to your family blog, Julie? I can’t reading your posts on some family members and their colorful history.


    • Canon makes a great camera. I have one too. We are just finishing up all our garden harvests and then I will be back posting. I’ll make sure the first thing I do is the password protect one for you and other family members. It spans quite a few generation of the same family. I wrote about it in the book I did for my dad and will borrow it from him this week.

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  2. Peter, such beautiful pictures and it sounds as if you have a beautiful family, too. Thank you for visiting the Cow Pasture. I’m thrilled you liked it well enough to jump the fence, welcome. I look forward to hearing more from you in the future.

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    • Thank you for visiting my blog! While klopp-family.com has the appearance of dealing primarily with family matters, for me personally it is all about writing. So it is no coincidence that through the help of What inspires your writing? I stumbled on your Cow Pasture. I like to keep the numbers of those I follow low, because I make a point of reading all the posts AND go back to older posts. Your blog is no exception. From what I discovered at first glance I am certain I will visit it again for insights into the art of writing.

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