To all my friends and followers, who also like poetry, I highly recommended Joan’s site with her lovely poetry and her creative and refreshing way of dealing with form and content.



The FIB is a poetry form based on the Fibonacci sequence.  The first and second lines have one syllable.  Each subsequent line has same number of syllables as the previous two lines added together, so 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21… into infinity.  You can stop at any point, or proceed back down as I have done here.  Fibonacci supporters believe everything in nature is based on mathematical order rather than randomness; I selected the Fib for this poem because doing so created an interesting juxtaposition of form and content.  (Click on the poem to view it in LARGER PRINT.)


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3 thoughts on “ALL OF LIFE’S A FIB… OR IS IT?

  1. The idea of poetry is really something else than mathematics and numbers, so this reminds me more to theoretical physics alleging that the whole cosmos is consisting solely of mathematical formulas and nothing else. It is however an original idea.

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