Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

November Flowers

This year we experienced the longest frost-free period at our little community of Fauquier, BC. It was not unusual to see the meadows in the valley white covered in hoarfrost in the early morning hours at the end of August. Now we are already in November and the hardier flowers are still blooming, which I decided to photograph for your enjoyment.


31 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

  1. It is incredible how many flowers are still flowering. Here some have folded down because of night frosts, but others are unstoppable. Even some of the roses still have buds. Maybe they will make it into flowers … 😉 … some plants can’t even take half a degree of frost, like the beautiful nasturtium of yours. So you must have had a mild November so far.

    Isn’t nice to have so many splendid colours still? So good for the eye!

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  2. Peter, those flowers are beautiful! They are appreciated, as everything is snow covered and it is 9 F about -23 C here in interior Alaska, which is warmer than usual. Amazing that the flowers are still blooming. Thank you for sharing!

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