A Visit to the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology

Section of the Provincial Native Cultural Heritage

This week my wife and I travelled to the coast to visit our children and grandchildren. In Vancouver, we paid a visit to the Museum of Anthropology. There you will find many sections displaying the cultural heritage of the indigenous peoples of the world. For the little time we had, we focused on the local cultures of the West Coast Nations of Canada. Here is a small sample of their art and craftsmanship. Enjoy.

25 thoughts on “A Visit to the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology

  1. We visited Vancouver 40 years ago and saw that sculpture called Raven and the First Men (your second to the last photo). I believe it was just completed the year before and Prince Charles was there for the unveiling. I had been to Canada once before but this trip in 1981 was the first for my wife and our two daughters, then aged 10 and 8. Thanks, Peter, for bringing back some wonderful memories!

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  2. This post is quite a change of pace for you, as was the visit to the coast itself. Good for you for traveling again.
    An online article says this about Vancouver: “In recent decades, foreign investors began actively purchasing residential properties in Vancouver. As prices rose, residents were challenged to find a home in their own city. In 2016, the provincial government introduced a 15 per cent property transfer tax, and the city itself introduced an empty home tax.”

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    • The visit was a bit cumbersome with all the Covid restrictions still in place and the need to have your vaccination passport handy at all times to visit restaurants and places like the museum.


  3. Looks like a pretty spectacular museum, Peter. I’ve seen some examples of totem poles and artifacts from the West Coast Nations in the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, and was “wowed” by how fascinating and beautiful their art is. I don’t know the story or legend behind the sculpture in your 4th shot, but it sure as heck captures your interest.

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  4. I’ve never been in this area, but I’ve always been intrigued and impressed by the arts of the cultures there. In your last photo, the masks reminded me of those found in West Africa.There are some differences in the way features are portrayed, but the resemblance is there.

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  5. Thanks for this visual tour, Peter. I love visiting anthropology museums for their emphasis on human’s creativity in perceiving nature and life and imagining the intangible world. Sometimes I’m awestruck by how similar two cultures can be despite long distances between them or other geographical barriers. This one in Vancouver definitely looks like it’s worth a visit. However, I’m most curious about photos No. 1 and 4 since to my eyes they seem to depict something similar.

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