Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Sculptures of a Bygone Era

The readers who have been following me for some time will know from my posts that the Arrow Lakes are actually the mighty Columbia River that was dammed into a giant reservoir in the late 1960s. To make room for the project, many orchards and farms were destroyed. Entire forests were cut down. People lost their homes and had to move to higher grounds. Many left the area and never returned. As a result of this upheaval, tree stumps were submerged and only surface when the lake level is down in the dry summer months. I consider these leftovers as an opportunity to capture their stark beauty. Yesterday we took the canoe for a short trip north of the Needles Ferry landing where I found these beauties on the beach. My wife’s hat added that little bit of extra that the photographer in me is always in search of. Enjoy.

Walter Panknin (1898 – 1977) and His Family Ch6 Part 20

Frau Panknin’s Success and Biene’s New Friend Angelika

Biene wrote this post.

Often my mother was at the point of exhaustion and desperation to give up. The bureaucracy was so overwhelming that all her efforts seemed futile. But my mother’s tenacity and indefatigable spirit finally paid off after seven years. She went to the highest government department to plead for justice as a last desperate effort. Miraculously, she was received by a representative of the German Chancellor, Konrad Adenauer, who had a sympathetic ear and got the “ball” rolling in no time. My father was finally entitled to a sizeable pension and a big back pay for the lost years. My mother had won the struggle for financial security at the expense of her health and vitality. The years of worries and deprivations had taken their toll. But my brother and I were too young and self-absorbed to notice. For us, she remained a pillar of strength and comfort. Her love for us was inexhaustible.

Adenauer with the mother of a German POW brought home in 1955 together with thousands of other POWs from the Soviet Union due to Adenauer’s visit to Moscow– Photo Credit: Bundesarchiv

After this memory fragment of my mother, let’s return to my life. Shortly after our second year of high school had started, “Mecki,” our homeroom teacher, introduced a new student. He assigned her to sit beside me since I had lost my desk partner the previous year. She had failed the grade.
I glanced furtively at my new companion, who looked straight ahead at Mecki. Angelika had a cute snub-nose and big blue eyes with long dark eyelashes. Her short hair curled softly around her round red cheeks. She had a nicely curved mouth and dimples. When she eventually dared to smile at me, she looked beautiful.