Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Mountain Air, Wildflowers and Huckleberries

Last week I took my wife to one of our favourite huckleberry spots about a 1000 m above sea level. She was extremely grateful, as she is a passionate gatherer of all kinds of wild and garden berries. For those of you unfamiliar with huckleberries, they are a distant relative of the commercial blueberries. However, the huckleberries are superior in taste and nutritious value. The heat was bad and the mosquitoes even worse, but the extra pain was worth every minute of the ordeal. I used the opportunity to capture the scenery with my video camera. Enjoy.

Huckleberries among the Wildflowers

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Huckleberry Picking Time

Last Sunday my wife and I drove to our huckleberry spot, which is known for its lavishly abundant crops. This year we had a particularly good growing season. A warm and sunny spring brought out their flowers to be promptly pollinated. Then cool and rainy weather set in to make the berries grow to almost the size of the commercial blueberries. Sunday had been our third and last day of picking. Together we gathered more than 10 pounds of top quality huckleberries, which when frozen will last us throughout the winter. The pretty wildflower greeted us when we entered our favourite picking area. Enjoy.


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