The Klopp Grandparents IV

Heraldry of Wolmirstedt
Heraldry of Wolmirstedt

Emma’s Father, Friedrich Wilhelm Bauer

1818 – 1868

Adapted from Eberhard Klopp’s Family Chronicle

F. W. Bauer’s job description ‘factory inspector’ goes back to government regulations, which were based on laws pertaining to safety and protection at the workplace. Factory inspectors with the authority of the local police ensured the prevention of child labor, enforced the labor law regarding the maximum number of hours permitted for day and night shifts, and generally were there to protect the safety and health of the workers. In addition to these duties, they made sure that all workers were provided with proper ID cards and that logbooks be kept with their employment records.

In other words my great-grandfather F. W. Bauer in Jersleben now belonged to that special organization of state employees, who in the interest of factories took up control functions for the protection of the workers. The scope of his responsibilities as a commercial policeman may have included the supervision of mills, sugar and starch plants of the region around Jersleben and Wolmirstedt.

About three years after their move from Rottendorf F. W. Bauer died in Jersleben on April 20, 1868 at the age of only 50. His wife Sophie Bauer (née Wegener), a woman of exceptional beauty in the memory of her descendants, outlived her husband by thirty years and died in 1898 at the age of 76 in the Wolmirstedt house of her grandson Friedrich Klopp (1875-1946).

Photo Credit: Museum Wolmirstedt
Photo Credit: Museum Wolmirstedt

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