Friedrich Otto Karl Klopp (1878-1957) – Part V

Karl’s Many Stations during World War I

Part 2 (1917-1918)

On July 20, 1916, Karl Klopp was sent as a soldier of the Infantry Battalion Passau to the Eastern Front. In Galicia, he immediately took part in the battles at the upper Stryj and Stochod south of Lemberg (Polish: Lwow) and subsequently participated in the battle of Kovel.

Lemberg1915 Mariyska (Lwow or Lviv)

Lemberg 1915 Mariyska (Lwow or Lviv)

From this point on his unit was being deployed in position battles again at Stochod. During the time of the armistice (Peace of Brest-Litowsk), he was stationed from December 1917 until the end of January 1918 in the battle zone of Mal Tovsk. Then until May, he soldiered in Sitowieze, Mielnika, Dubno, Buditschevo and Kosatin.

Finally, he was placed under the command of the First Army Corps in the region of Volhynia and then at the end of May 1918 under the First Infantry Regiment. Suddenly his problems with the knee joint began to bother him again. He received medical treatment and was granted leave at his hometown Hüttenhofen. Until General Armistice Day in November he spent time at the First Infantry Regiment (König) in Munich. In the process of demobilization of the German Army, he was released into civil life by order of the command post in Straubing on December 20, 1918.

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, I think you mentioned in an earlier post that he had problems with his knee somewhere else too. If so, it was obviously quite a serious issue for him. I love the map and photographs, by the way. It makes his experiences easier to visualize.

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