Picnic at Taite Creek

An Afternoon with our Son Robert

Photo Judging Contest

Robert having concluded his engineering work at a new silicone processing plant in Tennessee drove in his truck all across the USA to pay us a visit before flying back to Germany, where another assignment is awaiting.


The sun came out after the rain, and we decided to spend the afternoon at our favorite campsite. On the way Robert’s sharp eyes spotted two bears grazing in the meadows. I quickly took Biene’s camera and hid behind the bush to let the black and tan bears come a little closer, before I snapped the picture above.


To our surprise the entire campsite was vacant. So we chose our favorite site near the bocce field that many years ago our son Anthony had built for us near the beach below. There we had coffee and tea before playing a round of bocce.



For supper Biene had prepared a delicious stew and fixed up a salad from the lettuce freshly picked that morning in our garden.



On the beach Biene discovered a piece of driftwood and her competitive nature challenged us to take a picture of this duck-like wood sculpture.


Which of the three pictures do you like best? Your participation will be greatly appreciated.



It was getting late. So I was making a campfire, over which we made two batches of popcorn. What a way to finish a wonderful outing with our son Robert!