29 thoughts on “Chapter 25 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part III

  1. Many times, It’s very common to feel insecure about the future which holds us down from proceeding ahead.
    I also feel that most of American traditions are result of commercial interest. In order, to maximize earning prospects the brands & corporations start advertising and marketing it in a way, that they set themselves in our sub-conscious mind. We have moved away from the customs and traditions which evolved out of situation to the one that best serves commercial gains. valentine’s day is surely one such event.

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    • Thank you very much, Kalen! Your comment is very much appreciated. Kind words like this give me the courage and strength to carry on with our family story. I recall that you once started with your autobiography, which I found very interesting. I encourage you to carry on with this worthwhile project, Kalen.


  2. Peter –
    I’m so happy to offer encouragement since your encouragement was very important to me when I was doing my writing. I do plan to get back to my autobiography but I have been sidetracked with writing the story of my husband’s great grandmother – an Italian immigrant who came to Pennsylvania in 1897.

    He never knew her nor his grandfather nor any of the extended family (his father never talked about them and distanced himself from his Italian heritage.)
    My husband found them 3 years ago through DNA research and now I have the benefit of first hand accounts of an amazing woman whose story must be told.

    Her voice in my head is louder than my own right now and I want to get it written while I have the benefit of advice from older relatives who knew her.

    But thank you for the encouragement to continue my own story – and I will.

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    • This must be truly exciting for you, Kalen. I wish you all the best in your endeavour. With your work you will be able to retrieve valuable information not just for yourself but for your entire family. In light of this, your autobiography can wait, Kalen.

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  3. a moving story for Valentines Day, Peter. It was really nice from Biene to give you her ring as it was the most valuable thing she had. Sometimes it seems you didn’t understand her unspoken thoughts. Maybe women are difficult to understand?
    Kind regards from cold Hamburg, Mitza


  4. Es war von Biene ein ganz großer Beweis ihres Vertrauens und ihrer Liebe,Peter,dir diesen Ring zu geben!Schön!
    Manchmal sagen Gesten eben mehr als Worte-auch wenn sie nicht zu 100% verstanden werden! 😉
    Es bleibt weiter spannend bei euch! Denn noch habt ihr ja vieles zu bewältigen,es ist noch lange nicht eitel Sonnenschein,
    Herzliche Grüsse!


    • Liebe Edda, du hast ganz recht. Gesten haben oft eine symbolische Bedeutung und sind dann von unerfahrenen Menschen nicht oder missverstanden, so wie es mir damals ergangen ist. Du hast jetzt schon kommende Probleme vorausgesehen. In der Tat stehen für uns noch turbulente Zeiten am Horizont. Doch will ich nichts vorwegnehmen. Vielen Dank und liebe Grüße aus dem fernen Kanada!


  5. hi was reading your history of Fauquier this morning and really enjoy the history of that area. I noticed the pictures at the bottom of the article and am wondering is that the Fauquier Hall? spent many good times in there.. Went to the little school in Fauquier also the green school in Needles then onto the high school at Needles. Would you be so kind as to send me a picture of the Fauquier Hall it would mean so much to me.. if you have one of the green school I would love to have that also.. collecting memories of the old days.. the best days growing up. thank you so much gail stefanik

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  6. I can imagine how uneasy you felt about the future, Peter. The prospect of moving from Germany to Canada must have seemed such a leap into the unknown – particularly in those days when people did not have the easy access to Skype and the Internet with which to keep in touch with family and friends at a great distance. Incidentally, I don’t recall you mentioning it an earlier post (apologies if I just missed it), but at this stage did either you or Biene speak English fluently? My guess is that the question of living and working in a different language environment might also have been on your mind at this time. It would certainly be something that would have worried me.

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    • Thank you, dear Bun, for your insightful comment, which is all the more appreciated since you are starting a new job and have your mind focused on a new page in your life. To answer your question, Gertrud and I had six years of English at the two German high schools we attended. But still, that did not make us really fluent especially not in oral communication. Yes, the language issue was something that worried me a little bit at that time. Thank you again, Bun!

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    • Good question, Sidran! We were writing our letters mostly in German. So what you are reading is a translation, which hopefully has not lost its emotional impact. Thank you, Sidran, for your interest in our story!

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