Chapter 25 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part V

Biene’s Dream House


The Happy Twins Walter and Biene after Receiving their High School Diplomas

In the meantime Biene had graduated with reasonably high marks and sent me a telegram to the Tannenberg barracks to tell me the good news. Her parents were so delighted over her success that they granted her permission to visit me again in Watzenborn. Before she came, she had presented me with her idea of writing a family chronicle that would later enable us to look back at our roots.


Biene’s Telegram

In addition I had tossed in the proposal of starting a book with blank pages, which we would fill with our vision for the time, when we would be together in Canada. A description of our dream house would be part of this endeavour. Biene wholeheartedly embraced this idea and to this end immediately bought a leather-bound book,  which could be locked with a tiny key. In spite of the hustle and bustle of the graduation festivities and inevitable farewell parties she had already made her first entry with the full force of her innate romantic creativity:


The Photo Biene was referring to

                    Our Little Dream House

           Now when under the first sun rays of spring the forces of nature begin to stir, I can hardly wait, until everything is blooming and the green, which is still slumbering in the swollen buds, breaks forth. Not too long ago I came across this photo and each time I look at it, dreams of a little home of my desires are awakening. You said indeed that we will set no limits to how far our fantasy will carry us, as long as it won’t do us any harm. This is how I imagine our little fantasy home to look like.

          So picture this. It is spring. Only nature has progressed a little farther than here today. For everywhere fruit trees are already blossoming and in the sea of blossoms glimmers the first tender green of rupturing buds. You walk along the edge of a small town and are caught in the intoxicating scent of flowering splendour. All of a sudden you see out of the white shimmer a little house emerge. Sheer happiness makes your heart beat faster, and you believe to dream anew like on every day; for this is our little home embedded by this blooming island. It is as I said only a little house made entirely out of dark wood reminiscent a little of a log cabin. It looks neither opulent nor grandiose, but endearing and inviting instead.

          Through the large windows the sun and the fresh aromatic air pours into the small cozy rooms. The sun glides over the furniture, which is not so ultramodern as to appear cold and nondescript, but every piece is reassuringly firm and solid and for that reason snug and comfortable. At this moment I must think of the chairs, which Aunt Lucie had painted. Such a piece of furniture is no longer dead, but in a small way radiates life.

          Oh, I forget to mention that every window bedecked by a flower box is overflowing with flowers just like on that little photo. Our little home appears as if one day it would be overgrown by nature’s luscious growth, which should provide protection against the cold months, when icy winds drive us inside into the heated room.

          Apart from that we spend most of the time in our little yard and even sleep there, when the summer nights are warm and the mosquitoes do not sting us too much. We sleep in hammocks and gaze at the starry sky before falling asleep.

          In the winter when it is stormy and desolate, our large tiled stove or fireplace will radiate warmth into the small rooms just like the sun in the summer. Where the rooms are located, I am not so sure about it yet, but I think it would be best to place our bedrooms under the roof; for the slanted attic walls seem so cozy with a bed underneath. Also your study is upstairs, where you have the most quiet and can work fast. Thus, you can devote a lot of time to us. By us I mean everything that is dear to us, the plants and the trees in the yard, the little house, the animals and – I hardly dare to write it again – our children. I believe, if only a fraction of all this may become reality, I would be the happiest woman of the entire world!

          Reading the description of Biene’s vision of our dream house, I was amazed at how far her thoughts and ideas had ventured forth with such precise details as if taken from a prophetic book. What astounded me the most, was how much the slow-moving train of life, in which we traveled together, had accelerated in recent weeks and months. Was is not only eight months ago that my novella ‘Carthage’ so fervently written and presented to her as a gift prompted here to say ‘I believe, we love each other’? And now her heart and soul envisioned us as husband and wife having a family in the home of her dreams.

         Sitting on Mother’s sofa Biene and I shared these wondrous thoughts that have so prophetically crystallized into words written down in Biene’s special dream book. They were clear and easy to grasp and to attach our hopes to. They gave us a sense of purpose and direction, a blueprint for our entire lifespan.

          The morning sun was shining brilliantly into the living room. Early spring was in the air and beckoned us to go for a stroll past the meadows behind the house towards the old mill into the nearby woods. There I once almost lost my way in the maze of trails and roads riding my new bicycle. We directed our path to a hunter’s lookout tower, which was overlooking a small clearing in the woods. We climbed up the wooden ladder to gain a higher vantage point for us. Once we had sat down on the sturdy bench, we no longer allowed our mind to dwell on our plans for the future, but had the strong urge to follow the ancient Roman saying ‘Carpe diem.’ We kissed. It was a very long and sweet kiss indeed. And if there were no other needs in this world, such as for food, drink, and shelter, you would in all likelihood still find us there today. So much we were wrapped up in enjoying the presence. The scene would have inspired the illustrious romantic English poet John Keats to compose a sequel to his famous poem ‘Ode to a Grecian Urn’ entitled ‘Ode to a Hunter’s Lookout’, where our bliss would have been frozen in time for all eternity.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 25 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part V

  1. I really enjoyed reading this very moving and romantic story, the beginning of love is always like a rose that opens, just wonderful, thanks for sharing, dear Peter, have a nice weekend, regards Mitza

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  2. Dear Peter,Biene is a wonderful human being.She is perfect and you found her.You are so lucky.You both are such a matching couple,I am so happy for you .How beautiful life can be.I wish you everlasting happiness.Many greetings from the Island.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Biene’s description of a little dream house for the pair of you was very appealing. I can well understand why you felt it gave your relationship a sense of purpose and direction. I thought it was very sweet and liked everything about it – except the part about not being too concerned about the occasional mosquito while you were sleeping under the stars. A single mosquito within a half-mile radius is a single mosquito too many as far as I’m concerned. 🙂


    • Dear Bun, your response has brought much joy this Sunday morning. You read our love story with genuine interest and understanding. It is all the more appreciated, because I know how little time you have at the present time. Your words and those of other blogging friends increase my motivation to carry on with the family project. It is my hope that one day one of our sons will carry on the history of the next generation. As to the mosquito problem, we are very fortunate to live in an area of British Columbia, which is not plagued by mosquitoes.

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      • You’re very welcome, Peter. I find your and Biene’s story a heartwarming one. (I was also heartwarmed to learn that British Columbia doesn’t have a mosquito problem. I may retire there.)

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  4. Lieber Peter!
    Es sollte so sein,dass du gerade deine Biene und keine andere gefunden hast!
    Noch ein schöneres Versprechen an dich als diese Beschreibung darüber,wie Biene sich euer zukünftiges Heim und euer gemeinsames Leben vorstellte konnte es gar nicht geben ..
    Beim Lesen über euer Leben könnte man ab und zu vergessen,dass du aus der Vergangenheit und nicht aus der Gegenwart berichtest !😉😊👍
    Mit herzlichen Grüssen!

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    • Liebe Edda, welch eine Freude am Sonntag Morgen aufzustehen und in meinem Blog deinen lieben Kommentar zu lesen. Ja, du hast ganz recht. Das Büchlein, in dem Biene ihre so wundervollen Gedanken für unsere Zukunft niedergeschrieben hatte, war in der Tat eine großartiges Geschenk. Viele drücken ihre Bewunderung darüber aus, dass ich mich noch an so viele Einzelheiten erinnern kann. Im Grunde ist mein Erinnerungsvermögen schlecht. Doch wie du siehst, habe ich viele Quellen, die so manches wieder so klar und deutlich hervorzaubern, dass ich das Gefühl habe, als wäre alles erst gestern geschehen. Die Quellen sind Bilder, Fotos, Briefe, Dokumente, Tagebücher, und vieles andere mehr. Aber auch mit dem Schreiben kommen viele Erinnerungen zurück, die lange Zeit unter der Last des Alltags verschüttet waren. Nochmals vielen Dank, liebe Edda!


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