Chapter 25 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part VI

Philosophical Musings on Love, Marriage and Family

Church in Watzenborn-Steinberg

Church in Watzenborn-Steinberg

Now it was my turn to write and lay out my philosophical musings on love, marriage, and family within the context of their place in society. Just like Biene, I allowed my thinking to go far, even taking a fanciful glimpse into a romantic notion of immortality.

          When I think about two people, who love each other, I see two streams that arise from two different springs, wind through narrow ravines and then, free again, pour into a wide valley, sometimes wedged in, sometimes wide, yet steadily growing in power and strength, finally join and from then on flow together towards their goal, the sea. Who can say which is greater, more glorious and more beautiful? Perhaps an onlooker from one region would praise the charm of the first river, while another would be more pleased with the foaming waterfall in a gorge of the second. What the two have in common is not remarkable, because their charm lies in their difference. So it also appears to me between a man and a woman! For with them as well we see their intrinsic value in their being different from each other.

As we both are different and only when united have a common goal, so will different tasks occupy our entire being. Thus, dear Biene, I am certain, you will want to be wife and mother and you will see in this task your greatest and most beautiful role, and I would like to be husband and father and make sure that I put on a solid foundation, what you in your uniqueness will accomplish in the home through love and warmth for husband and children. And should someone ask us about our understanding of equality, we would simply reply that it is respect for each other’s uniqueness. We will then have said much more than if we had spoken longwindedly about the social position of man and woman in the human society. With it we express the idea that we do not wish to distort nature’s laws in our desire to be equal, but in responsibility for each other and for the family we are on par, of equal worth and value.

          Each person, no matter how insignificant and low in the eyes of the world, influences his environment by his very being. His parents care for him and draw him into their thoughts and feelings. And so he also influences their decisions, as long as he in some way depends on them. Because of him they postpone perhaps a vacation trip or even cancel it; because of him there is perhaps a car accident or perhaps not. Few people are connected with him with their decisions, but the few are intertwined in a remarkable way with thousands of other people, who in turn have an impact with their actions on others. Thus, everyone makes a small contribution to the history of mankind. One need not be Caesar, Napoleon or some other great figure to change the world we live in. Everyone does it, whether he is aware of it or not. But it is good to know one’s power to this effect.

A teacher, who is ambitious and uses his subject areas to have good students graduate year after year, can say at the end of his career, ‘My knowledge and my thoughts did not remain buried in books or in my head, but have beneficially spread among so many people. He will be satisfied with his life, and after he will be long gone, his ideas and thoughts mysteriously live on in thousands of minds and produce for a long time to come precious results. Would he not catch through his work a tiny sliver of immortality? I find, if one looks at life that way, the world appears much brighter, even death loses some of its sting. Thoughts, ideas, knowledge are invisible and work in the shadow of the human spirit, until they step forth in action and then, even if it only happens on a small scale, change the world. You may wonder, dear Biene, what I’m driving at. I would like to lead a life with you and be there for you and the family. And that is only possible if I enter a profession, which first of all brings joy to my heart and secondly offers us financial security. Later on in my profession as teacher I hope to positively affect young people and, as much as I can, will follow with great interest their life’s journey. The question will always occupy my mind, ‘What will become of them?’ However, in my work I will never forget the family and leave its care and worry to you alone. You know, dear Biene, I believe that we live on through our children. And even if one day we will have become old and gray, part of us will always carry over to them, our flesh and blood, and after years of nurturing certainly also our way of life. I would like to cling to this idea, which in its realization will bring so much comfort to us, and it is my greatest desire that one day all this will become reality.



          Sitting on Mother’s sofa, Biene and I shared these wondrous thoughts that have so prophetically crystallized into words written down in Biene’s special dream book. They were clear and easy to grasp, to which we could attach our hopes. They were destined to be the blueprint for our entire lifespan.


13 thoughts on “Chapter 25 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part VI

  1. What a wonderful way to think about teaching! It is a great thought that perhaps a little bit of the teacher lives on in the lives he or she has influenced. I believe there’s a great deal of truth to it too. I’m sure Biene must have been impressed by your passion for your chosen vocation.

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    • This idea of having a lasting impact on one’s students became the guiding principle throughout my entire teaching career. Yes, you guessed it. Biene was not only impressed, but always expressed her confidence in me as a good teacher. Thank you, Bun, for your kind comment!

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  2. Einfach wunderbar und schön,Peter!Ich kann mir so gut vorstellen,wie glücklich Biene über deine Worte war.
    Wie sollte sie auch solchen Gedanken nicht trauen können -war es doch genau das,was auch sie empfunden hat,stimmts?😊
    Und du musst ein toller Lehrer
    gewesen sein!!
    Herzliche Grüsse!

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    • Vielen Dank, liebe Edda! Ich staune immer wieder, wie sehr du dich in unsere Geschichte hineinversetzen kannst. Das bedeutet nut eins, dass auch du so manches persönlich erlebt hast, das bei dir beim Lesen meines Blogs wieder erwacht. Nochmals vielen herzlichen Dank und liebe Grüße!


  3. Du hast so Recht,Peter!
    Wir haben ja einen dicken Aktenordner unserer gesamten
    “Korrespondenz”vom ersten Brief an☺️-und da gibt es tatsächlich einige Parallelen!👍👋
    Liebe Grüsse👋👋


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