Biene’s Art Work – Part III

My Wife’s Art Work

Last week I published some paintings, which generated quite a bit of praise  and supporting comments in the blogging community, but they were somewhat dated and according to my wife’s opinion not all were worthwhile to be put on my blog. The lesson I learned from this experience is that I should always consult with my better half, especially when it comes to publishing  her art. To show that I am truly sorry I will present to you eight more additional wild life paintings and two portraits: one – a copy of a famous painting and the other – a copy of a photograph of the National Geographic magazine. Leave me a note in your comment if you can guess their origin.

Just click on any image to enlarge.

27 thoughts on “Biene’s Art Work – Part III

  1. Ja-ich hab es auch gefunden -mit “Vorsagen”
    von “crowcanyonjournal”😊.(siehe oben)..👋
    Das Mädchen mit den Perlenohrgehängen von Jan Vermeer (1665).Standort Mauritshuis..

    Und Afghan Girl-Porträt 1972. Sharbat Gula -eine afganische Frau-als 12jährige in einem Flüchtlingslager in Nasir Bagh-Pakistan.
    (Fotograf Steve MC Curry).
    Das hat Biene sehr, sehr gut wiedergegeben, finden wir!
    Uns gefallen die Bilder
    von dir,Biene,so gut!!
    Ich glaube,da muss ich mal was in Auftrag geben..👍👍😄👋👋
    Sehr schön-und gern noch weitere Werke von dir!
    Liebe Grüsse von uns an euch!👋👋

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  2. I recognize the Girl With A Pearl Earring, because I read a book about that painting, which I love. And the last photo is the Afghan girl who is standing up for human rights, but I don’t remember her name. (I think that’s her, anyway.)
    And I’m glad that you share the paintings your wife selected! I still think she’s a wonderful artist.

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  3. They’re very good again. Like some of your other commenters, I recognized the young lady from the National Geographic photograph and Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring. (Incidentally, I can’t help but wonder if Vermeer really had some poor young woman pose for hours with that monstrously huge pearl in her ear. It must have been so heavy.)

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