A Peek into the North Okanagan Valley

Natural Splendour of the Valley 150 km to the West

On a recent medical appointment, my wife and I travelled to the beautiful vine-growing valley to the west of us. Kelowna, where we were heading, is also a tourist mecca and attracts a lot of people seeking the sunshine, the picturesque landscapes, and naturally also the beaches at Okanagan Lake. Here are a few impressions of the area taken from an outlook south of Vernon. Enjoy!

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

A Walk to Heart Creek

We call the onslaught of one storm after another sweeping in from the wild Pacific the Hawaiian express. The rainfalls were at times so severe that several towns have been put under evacuation alert or even evacuation orders. On Monday many of the major highways in our province have been blocked by terrible landslides. So far here at the Arrow Lakes, we have experienced more moderate weather but we had to stay indoors as it was raining most of the time. When the rain finally let up for a few hours, my wife and I went to the golf course and visited our creek which provides the drinking water for our little community. Here is a glimpse of this short but joyful moment. Enjoy.

Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

First Day of November Photo Session

Brilliant sunshine greeted us at the start of a usual gray and foggy November day. Foul and colder weather was in the forecast. So my wife and I hurried to make good use of such a rare opportunity at this time of the year. Unfortunately by the time we reached our destination, ominous clouds had rolled in and covered the sky. To our great delight, most trees were still showing off their autumn colours. So despite the dark sky, we had a leisurely photo session down at the local golf course. Enjoy.

The Local Golf Course at the Lake
My wife enjoying a happy time amidst the fall colours
A ‘bird’ hidden among the fallen leaves
Feeling sorry for the poor soul who has to rake up all these leaves
A carpet of gold and brown filling up a nearby ditch

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Our Hike to the Real Waterfalls

In the past few weeks, my wife and I crossed the Arrow Lake and the Needles Ferry Path a number of times. I proudly announced that we travelled up the Whatshan River to the waterfalls. When I recognized that I had made a mistake and heard that the waterfalls were far more inland, I invited my wife to go exploring. Attempting to climb the steep embankment almost turned into a disaster. Biene struggled very hard on all fours to inch her way up to the top from which I could only shout words of encouragement. When she finally stood on safe and stable ground, she was very happy that she did not give up. We were both rewarded with a splendid view and hike to the elusive waterfalls, which is the content of the video below. Enjoy!

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Anatomy of an Old Tree Trunk

On one of our recent walks along the shoreline of the Arrow Lake my wife and I came across an old trunk of a tree that had been cut down more than 50 years ago. That mighty tree together with thousands of others had to go in order to clear the area for the flooding of the valley. It was a sad time for the many people, who were expropriated and driven off their land by this gigantic BC Hydro project. The venerable old tree trunk I am presenting here today has not lost its  beauty over so many years and I decided to devote the entire post to the natural splendour of  its individual parts. Enjoy.

Well Rooted and Anchored to Last Hundreds of Years

Its Centre Root Washed Free by the Changing Lake Level

Elegantly Shaped Lateral Roots

Its Centre Providing a Frame for a View

Artistic Lines Leading to the Top

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