Chapter 30 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part I

The Incredible Journey of Biene’s Engagement Ring


“When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.”  Nora Ephron

Peter worries about the Future

          This chapter contains a highly condensed version of our correspondence. Only parts that seemed relevant to the theme of the initial challenges facing us on either side of the Atlantic are included here. I reorganized some paragraphs only to enhance the flow of the narrative and sometimes added a sentence or two to make for better transitions. What remained is the fascinating account of the incredible journey of Biene’s engagement ring.

May 29th

My dear Peter,

Your latest letter has made me so happy, and all your plans have touched my heart. I would love to write, o Peter, commit such a great ‘foolishness’, landing a job with the IBM Company and let me soon come to you so that through our closeness we can give each other strength to do all the things that you have described to me. But Peter, you are right; we must not be unreasonable. And perhaps time will pass more quickly and more easily than we think. I am so eagerly waiting for the moment, when your letter to my parents will have arrived. I cannot put into words at all how much I miss you. But because I know that you love me I can bear the long wait…

My dear Peter, now that I am going to England to work as an a-pair girl, I have a special wish. I can hardly overcome my fear to ask you for something that I so fervently desire. But I will directly ask you, because you love me. So I really don’t need to be bashful about it. You know, Peter, I would very much like to wear a ring from you, especially now as I am going to England. Not that I couldn’t be as faithful without the ring. You certainly know that, Peter! I wish that everyone could see that I belong to you and that I promised to be faithful to you. You know, Peter, it is a peculiar feeling, but I believe that I would feel like having some kind of protection, because everyone could see that I have you. Can you understand this, Peter? If I didn’t know how much you love me, I would have never found the courage to write you this…

In Love,  Your Biene

 “May 31st

My dear Biene,

If I had to report on my search for work or my planned studies at the university, I would have nothing to write today. I hope you do not get impatient that the questions about my job and teachers’ training have not been settled yet.

Gradually I am beginning to worry about us and the more I think about the future the more anxious I get. You know, I have a restless heart that is incessantly driving me, even at times troubling and tormenting me, especially when things are not going the way I had planned. This restlessness engenders a yearning for inner peace and security. Dear Biene, you are my alter ego. In you I found everything I did not have. Without you I would be nothing. Because I love you so much, I also want you to be always happy when you are with me. Out of love you are willing to follow me no matter where I live. You emphasized in your last letter that you would even go and cut trees with me if necessary. But did you consider how much you would have to give up not just for a few days, but rather for a lifetime? You would no longer see your dear friends, your classmates, your brother, your father, and your mother. Later I cannot be the substitute for all these dear people. Instead I would like to be your husband and life’s companion. Dear Biene, to put it frankly I fear you will leave far more behind in Germany than what you will gain in Canada. You see, this is how I feel right now. You are on my mind all the time. You walk with me, you talk with me, and I hear warning voices. Perhaps I am totally off base, and one day we will meet again sharing the desire for happiness, security, and contentedness, for which your restless heart is yearning just as much as mine is. However, never would I want that my wish become an obligation on your part. Think it over thoroughly and give me your honest opinion. Please don’t be sad that I have given so much thought to this matter. I am only thinking about what I can do for you to make you happy…

Greetings from the heart,





25 thoughts on “Chapter 30 of the Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story – Part I

  1. Peter, your posts have become to me like reading a wonderful book, each time your post shows up I get excited to follow your and Biene’s love and live story. Yet each time it ends at a point where I wanted to know more, like a TV story where it stops when it gets most exciting and you can’t wait for the next series to come soon. Well done, Peter.

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    • Thank you kindly, Cornelia, for responding to my posts in such a wonderful way. Your interest is truly appreciated and it confirms my decision to publish such a very personal and intimate story. What good would it do to gather dust in an attic and eventually land unread in a landfill?!

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  2. The letters are very typical for male and female feelings. She is asking you for a ring and you answer in a way down-to-earth what will wait for her when she comes to Canada. Maybe that’s why men and women are together, because the thing one lacks the other one has. Always a pleasure to read your story, dear Peter. Have a nice weekend. Kind greetings from Hamburg filled with “liquid” sunshine since days. (doesn’t this sound better than rain?) Mitza

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    • You explained the difference between male and female feelings very well, dear Mitza. And so it was, me struggling with the harsh realities in an entirely new world and Biene desiring a ring and then immediately suppressing her desire in the realization of my plight in Canada. With the forest fires still burning in BC in mind I send you greetings from a country with ‘milky’ sunshine dressed in a veil of smoke.

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    • Thank you, Ann, for your kind words of encouragement! Honesty in writing is at times painful, especially in a love story. One must not shy away to bring out the weaknesses and flaws, or else one loses the authenticity in the story. Yes, you are right, it is indeed good to know that there will be a happy end.


    • Thank you, Arv! I appreciate your insightful comments. Our world has changed much, but it seems to me that there are still people like you in our modern world, who take an interest in old-fashioned romance, especially when it is a true story.

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      • I’m not really a romantic person but I do feel that romance during 60-70’s was something else. There was instant communication and no distractions. Life was slow. I really enjoy reading chapters from your life…it’s so interesting. 😃

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      • Dear Arv!, your good comment is all the more appreciated, as it comes from someone claiming not to be a romantic. I suspect there is something deep down in your heart that must resonate without the romance in our story. Thank you for your interest!

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  3. Peter,es ist wieder ganz eindeutig zu lesen,dass ihr jeder für sich und doch wiederum trotz der grossen Entfernung beide zusammen für eure gemeinsame Zukunft geplant habt. Jeder hat dem anderen seine Gefühle und Gedanken mitgeteilt und das ist bestimmt für eure”Fernbeziehung ” sehr wichtig gewesen!
    Es war ja auch etwas ganz Grosses ,was ihr euch als Ziel gestellt habt und viele hätten das auch gar nicht durchgehalten,wären mutlos geworden und hätten nach einiger Zeit aufgegeben!
    Ich bin schon gespannt auf deine Fortsetzung eurer Srory.👍
    Liebe Grüße an dich und Biene!👋👋👋

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    • Liebe Edda, ich bin heute ganz früh nach Haus gefahren, um die Blumen zu gießen. Da habe ich gleich mal in meinen Blog geschaut und deinen lieben Kommentar gelesen. Wie immer habe ich mich über deine lieben Zeilen gefreut. Du kannst dich richtig in unsere Situation von damals hineinversetzen. Das finde ich einfach super. Es war eine turbulente Zeit. Wie du bald sehen wirst, wurde unsere Liebe aufs Äusserste getestet. Herzliche Grüße auch an Dieter aus dem heißen BC!


  4. I am late to the game of your correspondence and blog, but as the saying goes “better late than never”. This is such a beautiful love story and one I can very much relate to … as my husband and I initially before marriage had a long distance relationship which lasted for almost two years. While we did not use letters, but rather emails and phone calls (this was before the era of skype), I can totally relate to the longing of being lovers separated by miles and miles. Since then he eventually moved from Washington DC to Chicago where I was living and now if we count from the time we first met, we have been together in love for almost twenty years. How beautifully times flies when yes you are with the right person!!!!!


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    • Many thanks for your kind comment, Peta! It is heart-warming indeed that there are so many people in our modern world who can still relate to an ‘old-fashioned’ true love story. With your access to emails and phone you had the advantage to connect with your love so much faster than we did. As you will see in the next episodes there was a great emotional turmoil over a letter that went missing. As soon as I have a little more time, I will have a closer look at your blog, which looks very interesting to me.


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