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Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes


Wednesday’s Photos

Our Feathery Friends in Winter

When the days are getting shorter and the temperature begins to plunge below freezing in the late fall, it is time to tell our feathery friends that we plan to feed them throughout the entire winter season. So we fill up the feeders with black sunflower seeds and hang the feeders into nearby trees early. Soon the word gets around and chickadees, juncoes and sparrows and of course the greedy stellar jays are dropping in for the daily feast. Here are five photos of our daily visitors. Enjoy.







38 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Dina

    Those daily visitors bring so much joy. Lovely to yours, Peter. Beautiful birds. I’m not familiar with Flickr. I wonder if I need to have an account to see your work. I’ll pop over and have a look.
    All the best to you, hugs from Norfolk (we have SNOW last night!!) Xx

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      1. Dina

        Do you know that the for the last two days it has snowed about 4 metres high in South Norway?😀❄️❄️❄️❄️ That’s where we are going next week! 🙋

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      1. Dina

        Eventually, I did find you on Flickr, Peter!
        A fellow blogger had a link to her profile on flickr/com/photos so I were able to search you and have have a look. It’s great!! I cannot comment on Flickr as I have no account with them. Wishing you a relaxing evening. xx

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      That is good to know. Of course, there are also two older chaps who have a keen interest and love for family and a passion for photography. Greetings from the Arrow Lakes from your blogging friend Peter!

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  2. Joanne Sisco

    I loved having bird feeders. I could easily sit at the kitchen window watching them for hours.
    After I ‘inherited’ a cat – and an outside cat at that – attracting birds with feeders just seemed like the wrong thing to do.

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  3. prior..

    well I am getting my feeder situation up and running.
    In December I bought a big “bell of seeds” from wegmans and offered that our back. It was too far back to see who came – only saw robins this week- but I am eager to see the birds that will come around here.
    in the meantime, the five photos here were each so diverse.
    The first one – favs were the open beak and the texture of the snow – it was like a slushy or softness was felt.
    second photo – what you did with the soft focus color in the back matched the bright colors on the side of the bird – like an interior designer matching things up – ha
    the third had a camo vibe and the 4th – the shape of the bird stood out – and then that ending blue – wow – such vibrancy….

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    1. Peter Klopp Post author

      Well, first of all congratulations on having a bird feeder! It will take a while for your feathery friends to discover it. Most of all thank you for the accolades you poured out on my photos. I feel humbled and honoured. You have a good eye for the important details in a picture. Soon you will try a few shots yourself. Did you notice that not one picture was taken at the bird feeder? It is far more effective to catch the birds on a branch waiting for their turn to seize a sunflower seed. Thanks again and good luck!

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      1. prior..

        ahhh – the branch eh?
        thanks –
        and actually my goal is not to develop photo skills – although now that you mention it I might be out there with my camera – ha!
        but I am just ready for their beauty and company.
        side note – and I will try and be brief – but I despised visiting birds a few years ago – we had to take out our water feature because too many birds were coming and it was a HORRIBLE mess. I also heard they carry disease – had two labs that needed the yard and they were bringing in fecal material on the paws – it was not fun.
        — I did have one Cardinal show up – right before we took it out – but it had to go during that season.
        but much has changed since then –
        and I will not have features so close to the house and I have also fallen in love with our avian friends –

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