Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Snow Sculptures at the Fauquier Boat Dock

At -12 degrees my wife and I went down to the Fauquier Boat Dock and braved the bone chilling temperature in order to take advantage of an especially sunny afternoon. Of course, we took our cameras along. The snow piled up by the snow plough attracted our attention, as the snow had turned into fascinating snow sculptures. One problem was that we had to take our gloves off to snap a picture. So it did not take very long and our right hand was so numb that we had to call it a day and return to our cozy home. I hope you will enjoy the photos. While some of you are already posting pretty spring flowers, I can only offer images of snow and ice.

dock 2

dock 4dock1dock 3dock 5

46 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Hope you didn’t get frostbite when you took off your gloves to capture these beautiful pictures. Sorry that my flower pictures forced you to get outside and risk limbs to post these also wonderful pictures. LOL If it makes you feel better we had snow here this morning and the Russian cold air still has us below freezing…

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    • We found the snow sculptures and scenery too fascinating. We just had to take our gloves off to snap those photos. Call it an obsession with photography. Haha! Hope you are doing well in the unusual cold snap in Holland!

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  2. Fingers don’t function very long at that temperature, but what a beautiful day – – blue sky, blue water, white snow, white birch – – thanks this was a treat! We’ve had a few days of spring here in the northeast, back to winter on Friday (but just to freezing level, not 12 below! 🙂 )

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  3. Beautiful photos of your snow. I had to convert C to F to find you were out in 14 F weather. It can definitely make those fingers cold. Thank you for sharing the beauty of your neighborhood. We have maybe 2 more months of winter in interior Alaska but are getting to enjoy more daylight.

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    • Your kind comment brought back some fond memories of some 50 years ago, when I was listening as a young man to the American Forces Network (AFN) in Germany.There was this very moving song on the Country Music program by Johnny Horton: When it is springtime in Alaska … Perhaps you remember it too.


      • Oh, yes I sure do! Many a time, when the thermometer is dropping, I think of this song: When It Is Springtime in Alaska It is Forty Below. Thankfully, this is a warmer winter but it can still get cold.


  4. I love your snowy photos, Peter. Please keep posting it, since I’ll never get bored. -12? You must be so strong to take photos in that temperature.
    Here, we had -3 this morning, and snow started to fall. But then, sun shone brightly in the next three hours. There’s no even one single drop of snow left… the last photo is my favorite. Those snows look like rocks formation…

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  5. Your winter impressions of The Arrow Lakes are very beautiful, Peter. Such nice weather you have too! It all looks like a picture postcard book, I want to go there. 🙂
    I’m in Norway right now, some parts of the country have-42°, but in the south-east, we have had -15° for a few days. It’s tolerable when the sun comes out, but otherwise not so nice for photography. 😉
    Have a lovely Friday! Xx

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