Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Late Bloomers

So many people living in the northern parts of the world keep complaining about Spring taking too much time in coming. The good news from the Arrow Lake is that Winter is on the retreat although slowly and reluctantly. Where the snow has disappeared I found three kinds of flowers: one, not quite open and still hidden under a fuzzy blanket, the flower of a magnolia bush, the second, the crocuses, single and in groups, and the third, the beautiful snowdrops more than two months late. According to a German single record by Heintje snowdrops are making their appearance in February. Enjoy the photos.



Here is the song in German Snowdrops in February:

31 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake”

  1. Peter, your photos are stunning. It is good to know that although winter has not fully retreated, the beauty of flowers are springing forth, as the snow retreats. There is always great beauty in each new season and hidden treasures found in spite of the circumstances.

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  2. They’re just awesome, Peter. The third photo is what I like the most, showing the flower where its surrounding is still covered by snow. It looks likes giving a message, there’s always beauty in every circumstance.

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  3. Dear Peter, thank you for sharing your open eye and camera to the nature you are surrounded with. Du meine Guete, Heintje, der Kinderstar damals, diese herzzereissenden Lieder, ich erinnere mich vor dem kleinen Transistor Radio geklebt um die Schlager der Woche an zu hoeren. You brought some memories back to me. Enjoy the spring with your heart, wish you the Best.


    1. Dear Cornelia, I am very happy indeed that some very fond memories surfaced upon hearing Heintje sing. I experienced something quite similar. Once a week I was allowed to listen to the Hit Parade, not too loud, mind you, as my aunt did not like the music. Thank you for your kind words! They are truly appreciated. Peter


    2. -ich auch! Fand Heintje schrecklich – kitschig! Gestern gefiel es mir gut als ich Deinem link, Peter, folgte. Vielen Dank. Insbesondere weil eine Nachbarin, Frau Züchner, kath., aus Krakau, geflüchtet, 6 Kinder mit dabei, ihr Mann im Krieg sonstwo, zu Weihnachten gab es immer Neisser-Gebäck-wunderbar!- besorgt von ihrem Ehemann, Vorsitzender des hannoverschen Anglervereins, sie lebten auf 56 m2 und hatten immer Zeit für die anderen Kinder in ihrer Umgebung. Jetzt könnte ich noch etwas von Fr. Züchters Quarkkäulchen bei Heintjemusik und auch Roy Black berichten. Ich glaube dann werde ich ganz traurig und lass es bei der Wärme wenn ich an sie denke. Liebe Grüsse Ruth

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      1. Interessant wie so ein alter kitschiger Schlager nach so langer Zeit noch so viele Wellen schlagen kann. Hoffen wir, dass unsere ‘snowbells’ im nächsten Jahr früher kommen. Vielen Dank für deinen ausführlichen lieben Kommentar, Ruth!

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  4. How beautiful nature is all over the world especially in spring when it gives hope and joy to everybody and enlightens our hearts, dear Peter. I will post some German spring flowers soon. Have a nice day, kind regards Mitza

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  5. Winter has returned here this weekend with a vengeance. I hope that it’s the last hurrah, but in the meantime, it’s a wet miserable mess outside. I’m looking forward to finally seeing some flowers too!

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