The Wonderful World of Cacti

Wednesday’s Photos

Photos by Klaus-Dieter Barge

In my youth I once watched the Walt Disney documentary ‘The Living Desert’ (Die Wüste Lebt). It showed how the arid landscape after a rare rainfall literally exploded into a colourful display of the blooming desert flowers including the incredibly beautiful shapes of the cacti. As it often happens, the images gradually faded from my memory and all that remained was the idea  that cacti are nondescript plants extremely prickly and not exactly pretty to look at. Therefore, I am very grateful to my friend Dieter Barge who told me about his passion for raising and cultivating a large variety of cacti in his greenhouse. He kindly provided the photos of these marvelous desert plants complete with their botanical names. I turned the images with the help of a video editor into the short two-minute video below. Enjoy.

18 thoughts on “The Wonderful World of Cacti

  1. The state I live in a desert state. The area around my city is semi-arid. We don’t have cactus but we have a wonderful plant called Thor Danda which can be found all around in the hills. Most people think it is a cactus but it is not. I have written a post on this and if you like I can provide a link for you to read. I’m not sure if you have read it. It has beautiful red flowers. I’m happy you chose to post on Cactus today!

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  2. Beautiful! Cacti in bloom, always makes me think, maybe there’s an analogy between these spiny, prickly plants, that produce such nice blossoms, and people like van Gogh, Turner, Wagner, that were pretty difficult or disagreeable, but produced great art. 🙂

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