Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

A Glimpse at Wildlife – Part I

Of all the large mammals the deer population appears to be the most abundant in our area. Hardly a day goes by without encountering one or two deer standing by the roadside. They have become so accustomed to humans that they don’t even bother to retreat into the woods when you point your camera at them. Black bears are next in line. Lately they have become quite a nuisance and have visited our village, especially in the fall, when they create havoc among our fruit trees. They like to come at night and raid our apple, pear and plum trees. The result is often a mess of broken off branches. The photos have been taken over the past three or four years. Enjoy.

Black Bear among the Bushes
Fawn not more than 10 m away from me
two dder
Twosome Caught Grazing on a Hillside
Buck in the Early Morning Light
Twin Moose
Rare Sight of Moose Twins close to the Lake

51 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake”

    1. Some animals like the blue heron are very shy and hard to photograph. But the bears and deer are easy targets and are captured within less than 30 ft. Bears and deer alike a great nuisance, the bears for raiding our fruit trees and the deer grazing in our gardens. Thank you, Amy, for your kind comment!

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  1. Peter, thank you for sharing your local wildlife with us. They all look extremely healthy. The deer must have a feast in your garden! The black beer looks like it has raided many fruit trees. Enjoyed the photos. Around here, it is moose, black and brown bears, and many migrating birds. Enjoy your summer!

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      1. Peter, your photos are wonderful. It is amazing the beauty of the natural wonders of every place on the globe. But it is true, since Alaska is mostly wilderness, there is great natural beauty!

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  2. Beautiful photos, Peter. We don’t have bears, but there are some wolves now in Denmark. I guess you have them in Canada as well.

    I think I would be a bit afraid to meet a bear in the wild. Are they dangerous for people? I mean, it should be o.k. if you keep your distance, right?

    We built a fence around our garden in Sweden, because of the deer mainly, because they ate the tulips and the rosebuds. Afterwards they only ate the rosebuds that were hanging over the fence … 😉

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    1. Bears normally stay away from people. If you go into the Canadian wild country, it is alway a good idea to have a bell around your body,so you let them know that you are coming and they stay out of your way.

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  3. Great shots, Peter. And the fawn is so cute. The place where I live is really far from the wild life. The only experience I had was when I did safari in national park. And I found that the animals were not that tame to human.

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  4. You’ve gotten some excellent shots. I’m sorry the bears make such a nuisance of themselves in your orchard, I have a soft spot for those guys. We see them very rarely in this part of New York, usually on walkabout from the Allegheny Mts in Pennsylvania.

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    1. Yes, they can be a great nuisance. But I also have soft spot for them. After all I do not have their permission to photograph them, so why should hungry bears have my permission to climb up our fruit trees?! Haha!

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  5. Peter, My neighborhood is starting to look pretty tame, compared to yours. Make sure Biene lets us know if you find yourself between one of those bears and her cubs!

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  6. All I can say is that you live in heaven that’s why you have other creatures in your vicinity. we live with the worst kind of animal – humans!!

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    1. On the one hand I agree with you and I am able to enjoy the natural beauty of an area untouched by humanity. On the other hand I am still optimistic enough to believe in humans capable of changing themselves to the better. Thank you, Arv!, for your thoughts and insights. Always appreciated! Peter


  7. Great photos!!!! It is amazing how patient you were to have this amazing chance! We also managed to see a deer in the forest close to the border with Germany, near Echternach.

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  8. Wonderful photos. I love the deer; but the bear is amazing. When we moved to the country I thought we’d see more deer; but unfortunately our community is just too busy. We live in a lake community in the country. We have bobcats, raccoons, wolves, badgers and lots of snakes; but I rarely see them. They most come out at night when everyone is inside. I’d have to travel quiet a bit to see a bear though. Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Wonderful shots of the deer and wildlife, Peter. It sounds like the deers aren’t scared of humans and maybe they have come to see you as friends…or maybe they feel a bit famous when you point your cameras at them 🙂 Sorry to hear they have become a nuisance recently with the fruit trees. It sounds like they have been hungry and the village has some delicious snacks on offer. Wonderful captures 🙂

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