Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake


Place of the Butterfly Party

Wednesday’s Photos

Wild Party of the Butterflies

On a  walk along the shore of the Arrow Lake in June I came across a most curious sight. On the ground I spotted a gathering of butterflies which displayed a rather odd behaviour. They were attracted to a grey mass of an object. Tightly bunched together they appeared to be in a drinking frenzy with their proboscises sucking up some undefinable liquid. First I shot a few pictures from several metres away fearing that they might fly away before I had a chance to capture their bizarre behaviour. As I came closer and closer I noticed that they completely ignored my presence. Rather they behaved like people in a bar being in various stages of intoxication. One butterfly was lying on its side sticking its proboscis deep into a crack of the unknown substance. Others sitting on top of one another. I was deeply puzzled. Now I was so close that my camera lens was able to take close-ups at times even touching their wings. Then I finally realized that the source of their attraction  was a fish head, which had been left at the beach by a fisherman. I hope you can still enjoy the photos. Apparently butterflies do not always go after the colourful flowers. At times they rather prefer the valuable nutrients of a rotten fish head.


34 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

  1. Peter, daily life is so full of surprises, isn’t it? I never would have suspected these butterflies to be attracted to fish remains either. One of nature’s beautiful and exquisite creatures sucking fluids out of a rotting fish head! These are awesome photos, Peter, thanks for sharing them!

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  2. Lieber Peter, da bist du ja wahrlich zum richtigen Zeitpunkt am richtigen Ort gewesen. Sehr ungewöhnlich finde ich es, dass sich Schmetterlinge um einen Fischkopf scharen, was sie dort wohl für sich fanden? Schöne klare Bilder, habe ich mir sehr gerne angeschaut.
    herzliche Grüße, Ulli

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    • Ja, liebe Ulli, wie ich schon anderen mitgeteilt habe, gehen dieselben Schmetterlinge an die Blumen für ihre Hauptmahlzeiten. Aber die Mineralstoffe im Fischkopf müssen sie wohl angezogen haben. Die Natur setzt einen immer wieder in Erstaunen. Wer aufhört zu staunen, lebt eigentlich gar nicht mehr.

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  3. Now, this is surprising as to what attracted butterflies to the fish head.
    I have heard that there’s been quite some snowfall in Canada owing to the sudden change in weather. Is that so?

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  4. Amazing pictures, as usual Peter. Catching butterflies is always hard part for me. By the way, I kept asking myself why I did not see your posts from my feed for sometimes. Then I checked your website and had no idea why I did not follow your blog. I probably accidentally touched the button while checking through smart phone. Yeah, smart phone is not as smart as it sounds.

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