Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Rose Hips, Ferns and Witch’s Hair

Even though snow had fallen last weekend,  it wasn’t enough to deter us from another hike on our favourite trail through the woods down to the Arrow Lake. My wife and I decided on another theme for this walk through the winter landscape. We wanted to capture plants that managed to stick their heads above the snow. Here are the results. Enjoy.

37 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake”

  1. They are all beautiful, but my favourite is also the copper coloured fern. I have never seen witch’s hair, I have to google that.
    We still don’t have any snow, but we have frost now, at least at night.


    1. I looked it up for you, Brigit. Here it is:This lichen can be found hanging from trees in conifer forests of the Pacific Northwest (Oregon to Alaska). Alectoria sarmentosa is light green, highly branched, and drapes over tree branches like tinsel. This resembles bushy, green hair such as that a witch might have.

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  2. Oh, my—that first photo is so vivid that twice I thought I saw movement as if it were a video showing the water about to drip off the berry. Wonderful!

    Splendo(u)r is really the right word for where you live.

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  3. Nice shots, Peter, and now I know what rose hips look like! I’ve heard the term for years and I knew they are naturally high in Vitamin C, but I guess I never took the time to investigate into what they actually were. Looks like you two had a great walk.

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