Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Sunny January Morning at the Arrow Lake

The lake level is dropping to make room for the annual spring run-off. This means that a strip of shoreline was without snow. My wife and I took this as an invitation for a walk on the stony beach section at our favourite place, which never fails to charge up our internal batteries. A strong wind earlier in the morning had whipped up considerable surf action.  I captured the waves by lying on my belly very much to the amusement to my wife. Enjoy.

35 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

    • Bei diesem 120 km langen See kann es auch sehr stürmisch hergehen. Aber auch das ist ein wunderbarer Anblick, wenn die Wellen sich wie auf dem Meer auftürmen, natürlich nicht wenn man in einer Nussschale herumgetrieben wird. Haha!

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  1. Rough sea. Ich kann mir garnicht vorstellen, da auf dem belly zu liegen and to take pictures!
    Charging internal batteries that’s what we have to do from time to time.
    On the canary Islands I searched for insects and looked for them on every single plant 🙂 That was in a way calming and refreshing.

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  2. You are a very committed photographer, lying on the ground in Canada in January. Wonderful photos. I never tire of watching the waves roll in.

    BTW—is Arrow Lake the lake where you first went fishing when you were working on the farm? Or nearby?

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  3. Beautiful shots, Peter! I know all about lying on your belly to get a better photo and do it so often myself, much to the amusement of other people. 😉 It’s always worth the effort I find. But I can’t bring myself to do it in winter. 😄

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  4. Peter, such splendid images… I lay down on my belly a lot when photographing and get interesting looks from people all the time… especially when I do portraits at the beach in order to get the waves of the ocean as a beautiful background in the pictures, I always tell my clients that this is my usual setting… sitting… and not to laugh at me, children get a kick out of this. Have a great weekend my blogging friend, as the rain settles in here for a few days.

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    • We may give cause for amusement and perhaps mockery with our odd way of taking picture. But the perspective from the ground results often in much better picture. Thank you so much, Cornelia, for your understanding!

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  5. Beautiful as always, Peter. But I compared with your posts last year, it seems you do not snow as much as last year. I might be wrong too. By the way, is the place where you are living now affected by polar vortex too? Since you are living on the North.. Please stay safe and warm wherever you are.

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