Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

Nature’s Inspiring Wooden Sculptures

On a recent canoe ride going south from Taite Creek towards Octopus Creek, my wife and I spotted some amazing structures along the shoreline of the Southern Arrow Lake. These gigantic sculptures designed by Nature in pleasing forms and shapes of purest abstraction are a marvel to look at and enticed me to capture them  with my Canon Powershot camera. Here are a few examples from our theme based trip. Enjoy.


32 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

      • I usually shoot more. Well, not of the exactly same motiv. For myself I hope to replace quality by quantity. 😀 But seriously, ina way that works. It wants a lot of weeding, though. But that’s the advantage of digital photography.
        As to replacing quality by quantity: I read once that if 2 million chimpazees keep hacking at 2 million typewriters for 2 million years, there will be a Shakespeare Sonnet among the products, as all statistically possible variations will have been generated. I have no idea, though, if that is correct. But it sounds good. As I teacher, I used to tell that to verbose students, with the remark that they were neither chimpanzees nor had 2 million years to produce something of good quality. 😉

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