Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

Wednesday’s Photos

The Blue Heron – The Graceful Visitor of the Arrow Lakes

The blue heron like the majestic eagle and the swift osprey has made a come-back after driven almost to extinction in the Arrow Lakes region. Until the use of DDT and pesticides had been outlawed, their population had been dwindling to the point of no return. Today’s post is dedicated to this graceful fish hunter along our shores typically found stalking through reeds and flooded grasses. Its voice is not pretty, but its gait and posture impress with their elegance and gracefulness. The blue heron is generally a wary and skittish bird that flies away at the slightest hint of danger. This time it allowed me to take pictures from a mere 10 m (about 30 ft). The short video clip shows the blue heron in flight. Enjoy.


15 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake”

  1. Hi Peter – you did great with these shots. I’ve seen blue herons all my life, in the marshes and creeks around my hometown, but absolutely agree with you – – they’re wary & skittish. They seem to be just standing there impassively, but almost always take off, even if you’re not approaching them at all closely. Nice photos!

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  2. Da sind dir tolle Bilder gelungen und ein Video dazu. Hier sind es die Graureiher, die ebenfalls sehr scheu sind, mir ist noch kein wirklich scharfes Bild von ihnen gelungen!
    Nur eins verstehe ich nicht ganz – outlawes heisst doch verboten … und trotzdem sterben bei euch diese wunderschönen Vögel aus?
    herzlichst, Ulli

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  3. It’s fortunate that the blue heron and American bald eagle were able to make a comeback after DDT was outlawed. I see them both all the time around our property but neither will let me get as close as you did. Great photos!

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