Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Canada Geese in Distress

Last Sunday we woke up from the howling of an Arctic blast of cold air, which had brought down the temperature to -6 C. But there was no cloud in the sky and the sun was shining brightly. So my wife and I decided to venture outside for our walk along the lakeshore at the boat dock. The stiff wind blowing from the north whipped up the lake surface and produced giant white caps. We felt like retreating back to our cozy home. But when we saw Canada geese trying to stay warm by sticking their heads into their feathers, we had to take a few photos to document their discomfort and distress. Add to this scene the lack of food which normally is available from the grass on the local golf course, you get a picture of how these poor creatures have to suffer. Let’s hope for the timely arrival of spring!


22 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. You took some great photos – – I am sorry to see these birds in distress, they’re astonishingly hardy, but their energy reserves are probably pretty low by this time of the year. We’re up above the freezing mark in Milwaukee, but I’m guessing the nights up in the mountains where you are, must be considerably colder. So I’ll join you in wishing for Spring to really roll in soon!

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  2. Peter, beautiful photos of the geese. It will get warmer. In the daytime, we in the Far North are enjoying temperatures above freezing in the daytime for the first time in many months, although we have much snow. Enjoy your day!

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  3. Your photos are wonderful, but I suspect the geese aren’t in quite so much distress as you imagined. That’s a typical sleeping posture; many waterfowl rest their heads on their backs while they nuzzle their beaks into their back feathers. Sleeping that way, with their head tucked onto their backs, allows them to rest their neck muscles as well as conserving heat. It looks awkward to me, but it seems to work wonderfully well for the birds!

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    • I agree this is indeed the often observed sleeping posture. However, due to the extreme cold and a strong wind, they were trying to stay warm. These are wild geese and normally very wary of humans. Never before did they allow us to approach them so close. Thanks for the kind comment, my friend!


  4. OH, this made me so sad. I hate, hate, hate seeing animals suffer. (I hate seeing people suffer also, but somehow the innocence of animals and their inability to understand why they are in pain makes it seem worse.) I hope they’ve weathered the cold and that spring arrives soon. Fabulous photos!

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  5. Very nice historical. Story’s i love reading all of it i have plenty of time i palmsprings. Thanks Peter very interesting. Greeting an your fam Helmuth

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