Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Videos

Mallard Ducks and Raging Waters

The contrast between the peace and serenity of our yard and the raging waters of a nearby creek could not be any stronger. On the one hand, there is the pastoral scene of the mallard duck couple happily searching and eating the sprouting vegetation in our yard. We had so much rain that small ponds developed in the low lying sections of our property which attracted the water loving creatures. On the other hand, there was the unnerving warning from our regional district that there was an imminent danger of flooding. Many communities were put on an evacuation alert, as the rivers and creeks were overflowing after heavy rains just a week ago. My wife and I went to have a look at Taite Creek some 10 km south of where we live. Here are two short videos that show peace and power provided by mother Nature. Enjoy.

25 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. That’s an impressive amount of water in your video, looks dangerous. But it’s a muggy, sticky day here, and I’m thinking about standing near that creek in the spray, that would feel very refreshing.

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  2. Peter, thank you for sharing your videos. Your back yard does look tranquil. Enjoyed the Creek and its roaring waters. It is peaceful to watch the water, as long as it does not flood. Keep safe!

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  3. Mallards are a favorite, just because they tend to be so sociable and tolerant of people. The marinas here were filled with babies this year: far more than I saw last year. They’re always great fun. We had a little urban street flooding last week after some heavy rain, but our rivers and bayous never topped their banks. Now, we’re entering a dry spell, but it will be a while before we have to begin worrying about drought.

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