Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesdays Photos in a Video

Father’s Day Delight

On Father’s Day my wife and I initiated the beginning of summer with a canoe ride across the Arrow Lake. The weather was perfect and the wind was calm, ideal to cross the lake for the first time in 2020. To make sure we would use the least amount of time, we followed the path of the cable ferry, which was busy with Father’s Day traffic on its half-hour journey back and forth from Fauquier to Needles. To our surprise, the water was warm enough to get in a quick swim. Alas, we had left our swim wear at home. Enjoy the scenery.

28 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Peter, what a beautiful way to spend Father’s Day, especially when the paddles are just for decoration, I had to laugh about that. Too bad you left your swimming suits at home, well the summer just started, maybe another video option in the near future? I went for my first swim in the ocean for this season, needless to say that it was heavenly. Do you remember from your childhood in Germany, the Sommer Sonnenwende Feuer?

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    • Yes, it was a beautiful day and occasion. We are planning such trips more often and will combine them with a swim on one of our favourite beaches. Ja diese Sitte von der Sonnenwenfeier ist mir auch noch in Erinnerung. Best wishes, Peter!

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  2. I’ve never heard of a motorized canoe. It certainly does make the work of a videographer easier, and the video was quite enjoyable. I was surprised at first that your lake is warm enough for swimming, but then I remembered we’re almost to July. Amazing, how time is slipping away.

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    • Today we hit the 30 degree mark in Celsius and that is almost too warm for me. The lake is sending out its invitation to swim. Alas, Canada is still closed for tourists from other countries.


  3. I don’t think the water would’ve been warm enough for me to have wanted to swim.
    You must have used a very long extension cord to keep the electric motor plugged in. Okay, so I’m not serious about that. How far can you go on a fully charged battery?

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