Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Wondrous Sights on the Way to Nakusp

Last Tuesday I drove to Nakusp to do our weekly grocery shopping. It was a wonderful late spring day wildflowers blooming everywhere. I had to stop at a creek which was cascading down the mountain into the Arrow Lake. At a boat launch near Burton I captured a beautiful lakeside scene. You may remember a similar shot I took last year. At the Burton bridge, I spotted a lone duck happily cruising through the reeds. There I also captured the lake view with its dramatic cloud formation and the daisies creating a pleasant foreground. And then there were the lupines that adorn the highway on each side this time of the year from Fauquier all the way to Nakusp. Enjoy.

30 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Beautiful pictures, Peter! Grocery shopping? We haven’t shopped since mid-March. We order on-line these days and only patronize places that offer delivery service. But I think we would change our habits if we had scenery like this on the way to the store!

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    • In our isolated area we have been blessed with relative safety from the pandemic. But we follow all the precautionary measures of social distancing. Not a single case of Covid-19 has been reported in our area. I hope that you will be free to travel again very soon, my friend.


  2. Such beautiful scenery! I especially like the photo with the white daisies in the foreground — everything about it makes me smile. It was fun to see the mallard hen, too. We may not share lakes or mountains, but we both can enjoy the ducks!

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