Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Of Bumble Bees and Wildflowers on Mt. Scaia

After we came back from our mountain road trip to Mt. Scaia and a thorough review and culling of pictures on my photo card, I still had fifty photos left worthy of publication on my blog. I believe that you understand the pain from your own experiences how difficult it is to eliminate so many images in order not to overwhelm your followers. So I broke my five-picture rule and decided to publish seven. At 7000 ft altitude, we relished the clean mountain air, the alpine flowers and the busy bumblebees visiting them. Enjoy.

Among the wildflowers Biene (Bee) is all smiles.
The Ubiquitous Fireweed in the Alpine Country
Bumblebee Visiting the Fireweed Flower
Looking North at the Monashee Mountains
Heading Straight to the Honey Pot
Gorgeous Mountain view
Different species of Bumblebee Feasting on a different Wildflower