Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Rescued Beetle on a Lettuce Leaf

A beautiful beetle was drowning in a sprinkling can. I filled up the can, so the beetle was able to crawl out. It was so exhausted from floating in the water for such a long time that it lay still on the top giving me time to study that poor little thing. I quickly got my movie camera and placed the beetle on a lettuce leaf. By now it had become active and was looking for a way to get off the lettuce leaf. Much later when I was editing the video clip, I discovered that apart from almost having drowned in the sprinkling can, the beetle also suffered from an invasion of lice that were roaming all over him. I wanted to help it get rid of these little pests but when I returned the next day to the garden the beetle was gone.

Does anyone know the name of this beetle?

36 Replies to “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes”

  1. What a good, kind soul you are to devote so much to saving the beetle? How do you know those were lice? And can you give a sense of how big he was? Hard to tell how small the leaves were!

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    1. We need to recognize that all life is part of God’s creation and therefore needs to be respected and cared for as much as possible. As I mentioned elsewhere, these were not lice that invaded this poor little beetle that was about 1/2 inch in length.

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      1. I must have missed that comment about the lice. I need to go back and see. And yes, I agree. I am one of those who takes insects I find inside and frees them to the outside instead of stomping on them. Except ticks. I hate ticks. 🙂

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  2. First of all, blessings to your kind heart, Peter, second maybe they are not lice, because once I spotted lice on my cat they didn’t have those long legs maybe they are ticks. Third what a great close up video. My question to you is from what source do you retrieve the music, I am sure you don’t pay royalities ( oops wrong spelling) for that. Thank you for sharing your rescue attempts.

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    1. I was wondering about the lice too. Now that you mention your observation I am sure these were some other critters that had settled on this little beetle. Its size would be about one cm in length so it was quite small. As to the music, I have an archive of royalty free music. I also joined, where you have access to royalty-free music that members have created. Thank you for your kind comment, Cornelia!

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  3. Great job capturing a little piece of life-and-death drama in your yard, Peter, just a small example of what occurs every day. It’s funny how we get involved at many levels to pick sides in the daily struggle to survive. I occasionally do the same thing to save some poor creature, although I often never learn the actual outcome. I really enjoy your videos.

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  4. I’m so glad you saved the beetle! That was very kind of you. And I’m wondering if it those were lice, or something else? Hopefully, since you didn’t see it again, the beetle made a complete recovery and went on it’s way!

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