Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Rain, Rain, and more Rain

This has so far been the mildest winter, since we moved here over forty years ago. In the early 1980′, we experienced massive snowfalls with snow piling up all the way to our kitchen window. In the extreme cold weather often lasting several weeks in a row, the lake would occasionally freeze over and our ferry barely managed to break the ice in the morning. It seems that such extreme weather is now part of the past. After a night of wet snow covering the ground with a white blanket, rain, quite heavy at times, returned to our area at the Arrow Lakes. When it let up a little, my wife and I went out for our daily walk equipped with our cameras hunting for rain drops. Here are the results. Enjoy!

30 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Lovely close-up of the water drops, Peter! The reflections in the drops are amazing.
    I have just bought a new macro lens and had a try on the water drops in the garden yesterday.
    I’d much rather try to capture snow crystals though. So sad with the global warming.
    Sending you warm greetings from the coast of North Norfolk, much too warm …
    Dina & Co

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    • My Canon camera allows me to get as close as 1 cm, which is close enough for most macro images. Sometimes I cheat a little and take a photo from a greater distance and use the zoom lens to create a macro. Thank you, Dina, for your kind comment!


    • I guess the mild weather is also good for wildlife. Deer migrate into the lower lying areas in the winter because food is more easily found there. There is plenty of snow on the nearby mountains, so water will be abundant in the summer.

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    • I heard about the drought conditions in California. Now you have the rain that you needed so much. That is good news indeed. But too much rain has its problems too. Greetings from the Arrow Lakes!


  2. Almost all of Europe is white. Even the Netherlands. They had their first snowstorm in a decade and up to 30cm of snow. It stopped snowing few days ago, thank God. We had plenty. Still below -10 most days, sometimes even below -20. Last winter was mild with more rain than snow.

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  3. Climate change is sad and true. And happening at a pace when most of us can feel the difference in a single lifetime. Add to it the extreme weather events which get exacerbated because we are not giving space to nature to freak out occasionally. There was a ‘glacier burst’ in the middle Himalayas a few days back that led to flash floods much of the way downstream. More than 50 deaths confirmed already.

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