Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Joyful Canoe Ride across the Lower Arrow Lake

My wife and I decided to cross the lake for a photo and video session. We launched our canoe conveniently equipped with an electric motor at the Fauquier boat dock. Our first destination was the mouth of the Whatshan River. It was very turbulent because of the recent heavy rainfalls and the meltwaters feeding the river. So we kept a safe distance. Then we circumnavigated ‘our’ tiny island that I have written about many times on this blog before. We landed at a sandy beach and watched the Needles ferry travelling between Fauquier and Needles. Coaxed by the hot sun, we spontaneously jumped into the lake for a quick refreshing swim. It is not an exercise for timid people. The lake, being part of the Columbia River, is cold even during the hottest part of the summer. I measured 14 degrees C (47 F). We felt great. What a pleasant way to live through the Covid-19 pandemic! Enjoy the video.


  1. kopfundgestalt · June 9

    Very nice!!
    Biene took a lot of pictures I guess but seemingly not of bees. 🙂
    Biene also “macht eine gute Figur”, when swimming.
    Musicwise perfect!
    Well done.
    P.s.: I saw cut trees, is the forest also in danger?

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  2. Amy · June 9

    I love the bee wings on Biene’s hat!

    When we see people jump right into the ocean on Cape Cod, where the Atlantic waters hover around 60 degrees F, we always say, “They must be Canadian.” 🙂 47 degrees? Yikes!

    Beautiful scenery, Peter.

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  3. Labby · June 9

    Hallo Peter, ihr beide lebt ja wie im Paradies. Was für eine zauberhafte Gegend. Ein schönes Video. Liebe Grüße Wolfgang

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  4. Stella, oh, Stella · June 9

    Thanks for taking us on this refreshing trip on your beautiful Arrow Lake! A good way to get through the COVID-19 times … 🙂


  5. Ann Coleman · June 10

    So lovely! I felt as if I was right on the water with you two when I watched that video!

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  6. shoreacres · June 12

    And here’s another difference between your world and mine. The current water temperature off Galveston is between 83F and 85F, depending on which buoy you consult. Generally, 85F is considered warm enough to support a hurricane. Pleasure swimmers beware! (And with our heat indices breaking 100 this past week, a swim in your nice, frigid lake would be just the ticket!)


  7. Ankur Mithal · June 12

    One more thing (there are many) I am fascinated by is your (and Biene’s) spirit of adventure. Most people I see around me of that age seem to want to make as little physical effort as possible which, as you can probably guess, I don’t think very highly of. I wish you continuing robust health.

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    • Peter Klopp · June 13

      One is practically already dead if one spends the ‘golden years’ watching TV all day and ignores the benefits of the invigorating outdoors.

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  8. arv! · June 13

    This video was a pleasant change since we are here in the midst of a hot scorching summer. It is nice to enjoy the beautiful and serene environs of the lake.

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    • Peter Klopp · June 14

      I can imagine how you would long for a refreshing dip into the Arrow Lake as you suffer under the present heat wave in India.

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      • arv! · June 18

        I’m glad you can. Have a great weekend ahead!

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  9. Steve Gingold · June 19

    I am not much of a fan of swimming in general.The act of jumping into 56°F or so would not happen. I’d probably have a coronary.

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