Fiery Splendour of the Arrow Lakes


Just a short message to all my fellow bloggers that due to the extreme hazard caused by the nearby wildfires we have been evacuated from our beloved community. Until the evacuation order has been lifted and until we can to return home, we will spend the time at our sons’ places in Vernon, Vancouver and Victoria. Until our return, I will not be able to publish new posts. I also ask you for your understanding that I will not have the time to write comments. Let us hope and pray that our home and our neighbours’ homes will be safe. Thank you for your patience!

The Octopus Creek fire (10 km south of Fauquier) seen from Edgewood on July 18. Photo: Jeannie Little

21 thoughts on “Fiery Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Strange that there should be such beauty in something so dangerous and destructive. Please take care of yourselves Peter, and have no fear that we will be here on your return home!

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  2. It is good to hear from you, Peter! I am glad you can live with your sons for a while. This photo looks like pure inferno, fire is so absolutely scary! I sincerely hope that your house will be safe … I am thinking of Biene and you!

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  3. Glad to hear from you again and that you have a safe place to stay. So sorry about the fire, the damage it is causing, and that it has driven you from your home which I hope is spared the damage the fire might cause. Thanks for letting us know that you are safe, Peter.

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  4. I am glad to see that you are popping up with “likes”, Peter. I just tried to find out on a Canadian official site, how the situation is. (There is not much in the news here, it is all about Greece, which is also burning, and the endangered tourists …) It looks still rather terrible. I pray for rain for you! It looks like there even is a large fire on Victoria Island. Be safe!

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