Wednesday’s Photos

A Nostalgic Look Back – August 2020

Smoke, smoke, and more smoke! About 10 km behind our small community, the wildfire is still burning out of control. Helicopters are droning overhead and dumping a mix of water and fire retardant on the inferno. In some nearby towns the smoke is so dense that people can barely see things across the street. So instead of posting more gloomy or rather fiery pictures I decided to go back in time to last year, when my wife and I went for a mountain hike on Mt. Scaia. At 7000 ft altitude, we relished the clean mountain air, the alpine flowers and the busy bumblebees visiting them. Enjoy.

Among the wildflowers Biene (Bee) is all smiles.
The Ubiquitous Fireweed in the Alpine Country
Bumblebee Visiting the Fireweed Flower
Looking North at the Monashee Mountains
Gorgeous Mountain view

27 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Photos

  1. So the rain was not sufficient to extinguish the fire … It is so sad, that all this beauty is being destroyed right now … and 10 km, that is not very far away, are you really safe at home?
    But you are right, dwelling on this does not help, we cannot really do anything more than the experts are doing, so looking at these beautiful photos is good for the eye and soul.

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  2. The fireweed is a good reminder of the ability of nature to regenerate. I’ve learned that it’s one of the first plants to come back after a fire. A friend has some amazing photos of the flowers blooming again on the side of Mount St. Helens not so very long after the volcano’s eruption. And I agree with you: remembering past delights can be a good antidote for present difficulties.

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    • That is interesting. Nature can recuperate very fast. Even though the forest fires are horrible to man and wildlife, there is also a positive aspect to them: rejuvenation of the ecosystem.


  3. My family and I were in Calgary and Banff last week, and on the last day when we were leaving, the air quality was so bad from new fires that you could not see across the street. It made us appreciate the week before while we had clear blue skies. Hopefully, it will get better soon with cooler weather.


  4. I was kind of hoping that by the time I drop in next, rain and human effort would have brought the fires in control. Sorry to read that they are still raging. I hope you guys are able to keep yourselves safe and tide over this phase with fortitude.

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