Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

November Memories

In November, there have been some unseasonably warm and sunny days, whose images in stark contrast to the snowy and bleak start in December create fond memories. In the third Advent week, I need to hurry to publish the photos before Christmas. The mushrooms you see are a scarce sight so late in the fall and so unusually close to the sandy and stony beach. Enjoy.

Canada Geese’s Feasting at the Golf Course
Mushrooms Growing on old Tree Stumps
Abstract Sculpture of an Old Tree Root
Withered Grass adds Colour to the Landscape.
Afternoon Dance at the Beach

9 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Wow, so many and healthy looking mushrooms in November, that is really rare. But you mentioned something about 22 degrees Celsius plus, didn’t you.
    Tree roots are always such a good motive, especially the dancing group at the end. Photo number 3 looks almost like a dragonhead. And I do think the blue and grey together with the light yellow are a beautiful contrast.
    Our snow has gone now, we have had 8 degrees plus for a few days. I am not sure that we will get more snow before Christmas. For the last many years the real cold started in January or February only.
    Best regards from Denmark to you and Biene, stay healthy!

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  2. The geese photo reminds me of other photoes of geese on the golf course I believe you have posted earlier. I am surprised to see so much green so late in the year is such a cold place. Even in the Indian north, which has a mild winter in the plains, the grass starts withering by early December with the lack of sunlight.


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