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In the shortest post since this blog’s beginning, I ask you, my dear readers, to evaluate the appearance of the various elements, such as the title, main photo for the header etc. If you have little time to write a comment, please indicate your impression on a scale of 1 to 10. Thank you! Did you notice that WordPress offers fewer themes than a few years ago? They tell me that the reduction has to do with the new block editing. Too bad!

23 Replies to “New Theme New Look”

  1. I think that with a new theme, you’ll see how it looks as you post more on it. Some backgrounds work better with photos than others, and time will tell how this colour of background sets off your photos. My gut feeling is that it will probably be good because the neutral colour won’t take away from your pictures. But if you find you don’t like it, you can always experiment with changes until you find the one you like.
    The rest of the components look fine to me. Nice clear font, and everything laid out without too much clutter.


  2. I like it. My only concern is whether there is enough contrast between the background color and the text color. I would think a slightly lighter background color or a darker font color would be easier to read. What made you switch?

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    1. Linda from Texas made the same suggestions. I made the changes and hope the font is now more readable. As to the reason for switching themes, I wanted the tabs for the various pages more visible and not hidden behind an icon.

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      1. I see you’ve switched to a white font. I really hate to complain, but I have a terrible time reading white font and usually just end up reading blogs that use it in the email version. It may be just me…. But I’d prefer a lighter background with dark font!

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      2. Thanks, Peter! I hope that wasn’t JUST for me. I took a look, and it looks great—much more readable for people like me with aging eyes. Thank you! You know how much I enjoy your blog, so I appreciate the change.

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  3. I like the font. More contrast between the page and your text color might be useful, especially since the size of comment text is smaller than that of the post. You might consider moving the search box up the page, tucking it next to your archives.

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  4. Ich finde den neuen Look ganz angenehm.
    Was bedeutet: Gut ausgewählt!
    Durch die schmale Front dringt deine Dir eigene Bescheidenheit durch – sich nicht zu sehr in den Vordergrund stellen.
    Was mir bisher wenig bewusst war: Sehr viele schauen sich Beiträge im Reader an, was immer eine andere Apperance liefert als die Blogseite selbst.
    Ich mache das aber seit jeher anders: Ich wähle die Seite selbst an.

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  5. Great work Peter. My thoughts:
    – the title band is narrower, which I think is good. Besides, I think on the earlier band if you click anywhere another window would open up which was not needed. The new design doesn’t do that.
    – I see a fairly big pic of you with a camera on the right of each post. I find it a bit disconcerting. But then that could be because I read your blog in batches, several posts at a time.

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    1. Thanks for the valuable input, Ankur! I agree that seeing my picture every time you read another post is a bit of a problem. With the new version of the block editor, I was tempted to try it out. On your next visit, the picture will be gone. Thank you for your honest appraisal!

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