Greetings from Hornby Island

A Very Cooperative Butterfly

We are home again at our beloved Arrow Lake. We had a wonderful family reunion on Hornby Island and celebrated our granddaughter’s second birthday. Behind our luxurious cabin there was a semi-wild flower garden, where bees and butterflies were in cloud 9 visiting the abundant floral guest houses. One butterfly let its guard down and allowed me to take a picture at close range. My sincere apologies go out to all my blogging friends for not being able to comment as much as I wanted. Thank you for your understanding!

14 thoughts on “Greetings from Hornby Island

  1. Glad that you had an enjoyable reunion with your family. My reunion would consist of visiting with my brother. That’s all the family I have realistically. Very nice shot of the butterfly.


  2. Seeing butterflies flit from one gorgeous flower to the next to partake of the sweet nectar always makes me happy. Hoping that there will be many, many butterflies finding much sweet nectar, for their sake, but also for ours.


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