Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

Is Winter Going To Stay?

We are now into the third week of snow and ice. In the past, the snow would melt away in a few days, even if it had fallen in enormous proportions. The thought that it is not going away one more time before Christmas makes me shiver. But my wife and I still walk over the now deserted golf course. In my desire to find some colour in the grey landscape, I found a little red in the mountain ash trees and berries that our feathered friends left behind. Rose hips also kept their red coats on, and the snow, as much as we hate it, improved the tonal quality of the pictures I am taking. I hope you will like the selection of our photo journey to the golf course.

17 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. Wenn es nach mir ginge,würde der Schnee bei Euch nicht liegenbleiben, Peter. Die Bilder, die Du auf Eurem Spaziergang gemacht hast, sind wunderschön , wirklich. Aber es wird dann eine ziemlich lange Zeit,bis Ihr wieder ohne diese Kälte seid. Also denken wir mal alle lieber schnell an den Frühling,ok? Herzliche Grüße von Dieter und mir! Edda


  2. Peter, I can understand the pain of early winter turning everything cold and white. Even in the midst of it, you found the red berries and other things of beauty. Even in the coldest winters, I have found that there are seasons where it warms up for a time. Blessings!


  3. Certainly does look like winter has arrived there, Peter. Despite our general reaction to late fall and early winter as a blah time of the year there is some color to be enjoyed as you demonstrate.


  4. One of the best things about snow is the way it makes any remaining color ‘pop,’ as it certainly does here. I always enjoy seeing berries, but your yellow-centered lichen is gorgeous. It looks like a flower blooming in the snow.


  5. Ich mag Schnee und Kälte nicht. Zum einen auch wegen der Unfallgefahr, zum anderen, weil meine Frau sehr unter Kälte leidet und zum dritten, weil ich insekten liebe.

    In deinen Fotos hast du einige Farbe konserviert. fein ist das! 😀


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