Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photo

A Selfie in a Christmas Ornament

On the weekend, my wife and I went into the snowy and chilly outdoors and located a beautiful fir tree under the power lines. Fortunately, the snow was not too deep to walk the 50 metres from the road. With a small hand saw, I had the tree cut in no time while Biene cheered me on. Yesterday, I brought the Christmas tree into our living room and decorated it with ornaments and lights. Later on, when the day was fading into darkness, I took a few pictures. One photo shows a shiny ornament, where later on to my great surprise. I discovered myself in its reflection.

16 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. It’s beautiful, Peter — and what fun to be able to select and cut your own tree, rather than searching for one in an overcroded tree lot with already too-dry trees. It looks quite festive; I hope all of your season is equally so!


  2. Früher haben wir das auch öfter gemacht , den Weihnachtsbaum selbst im Wald zu besorgen. Jetzt gibt es so viele Christbaumhändler, dass sich das nicht mehr lohnt. Liebe Grüße, eine schöne Adventszeit und viel Vorfreude auf Weihnachten. Wolfgang


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