Happy New Year

All’s Well That Ends Well

It has been a turbulent year-end for the Klopp family in the Interior of BC. One of our sons had to call off their visit. Just a few days before Christmas, he and his wife had come down with severe flu. I drove into the nearby town to buy a few extra groceries for the other son and family’s visit. The road was extremely treacherous. I had to navigate our car on the narrow tracks left behind by the vehicles before me. On the way home, I drove on a stretch of slush to avoid an oncoming vehicle. You probably guessed. Attempting to return to the tracks, I landed in the ditch and was stuck in one metre of deep snow. The insurance company wanted to declare a write-off. But in the end, it turned out that the damage was repairable. Some good Samaritans gave me and the groceries a ride home. I am so grateful that I was able to come home uninjured. After the accident, things were looking up, and we had a wonderful Christmas with our other son, wife and granddaughter. One of the highlights was the singing of German Christmas songs and playing the ukulele with our youngest son. Below is a brief excerpt of our mini-concert. We played Ihr Kinderlein Kommet.

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year, Peter, to you and yours!
    After a rough year, it’s good to feel as though we have a clean slate with 2023, eh? So glad you have good Samaritans for neighbors and that you weren’t hurt.


  2. Good that you were not injured, what a relief! And how very nice that somebody gave you a lift home. As you say, All’s well that ends well! I wish you and your family a very good year 2023 with especially good health.


  3. I am so relieved to know you weren’t injured. And I hope your other son and family have recovered from the flu. Let’s hope 2023 is an easier year!


  4. Happy new year, Peter, glad you escaped uninjured. The weather caused a lot of flight cancellations, so I wasn’t able to get to my parents until the 27th but we celebrated then and had a nice visit. And I enjoyed the concert!


  5. Peter, so glad you weren’t injured in the accident and got a ride home with the groceries. Good you got to visit with one son and his family. Enjoyed your concert. Happy New Year!


  6. I’m so glad you were helped out, Peter, and made it home uninjured. Sometimes, holidays aren’t “perfect” in the ways we hope, but sometimes they’re perfect in unexpected ways. I’m glad you could celebrate with some of your family — and thanks for sharing your music. That’s a song I grew up with — a Christmas pageant special, although in English!


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