Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photo

A Toxic Beauty

Knapweed is not very popular. It is an invasive plant imported with the first pioneers from Europe. It does not have natural enemies in North America and is toxic. As the poison spreads from its roots, grasses whither, and ranchers hate it. Yet, the purplish flowers are beautiful, and the seedheads impress with their intricate forms.

Knapweed Seedhead

With this post, I started a new theme for my blog. Just as people often rearrange the furniture to give their homes a new look, I occasionally tinker with the settings and even make a few changes with the help of the optional CCS code in WordPress. The other day, I was looking for an older post and could not find it because my former theme did not come with a search function. So that was the other reason that prompted me to make the changes. Comments are very welcome.

19 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

  1. I had to look up knapweed. It seems that there are many different kinds, also the simple cornflower belongs to the family, but I guess they are not toxic. I don’t recall having seen the purple one. It must be a pain to have it on grassland for animals.

    Your new theme looks fine to me.


  2. I first learned about knapweed from other bloggers who lived in Oregon, Michigan, and so on. It is an attractive plant, and looks remarkably like some of our natives, but it’s more than troublesome. I just looked at a page dedicated to it and learned that a single plant can produce a thousand seeds. That certainly helps to explain its spread.

    I like your new theme. Pure black backgrounds with white text sometimes are hard for me to read, but this is great: all the advantages of a darker background without any disadvantages.


  3. I am unfamiliar with knapweed—I wonder if it grows in New England. I will look it up.

    And I don’t notice any obvious difference in the new theme—I guess that’s a good thing!


  4. The seedhead looks so feathery and attractive. Too bad the plant is a noxious weed. Ever since humans started moving across countries and continents, they have imported non-native plants and animals.


  5. Dear Peter,
    fortunately we don’t have this poisonous knapweed here. Sounds horrible to have it in gardens or fields.
    Your new theme is clear and beautiful, we like it.
    Keep well. All the best to you and your family
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  6. Peter,
    I really need help researching my Pomeranian brick walls. Have you ever used a professional genealogist for the region? I can’t figure out how to find the right person. Any ideas?


  7. I like your theme. I’m familiar with knapweed or at least with the common type we have here, but did not know it deterred other plants with poison. It’s not as common in the plant world for plants to be protective of their soil. Roses do it, but in general, I like the idea that plants tend to live and let live.

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