Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

A Very Cooperative Hoverfly

On a recent canoe ride, heading south from our favourite Taite Creek campground, we stopped at a deserted apple orchard a few kilometres from the Taite Creek bay. Biene spotted an abundance of apples in the abandoned orchard and being the inveterate gathering she started picking claiming they make excellent apple sauce. Myself being inspired by my blogging friend Steve Schwartzman was eagerly looking for some wildflower. But all I could find was a bedraggled daisy with its petals curved downward. Great was my joy when I discovered a hoverfly sitting down for a late pollen dinner. She was so preoccupied with feasting on the pollen that she paid no attention to my camera a mere five cm away from the flower. Here are five photos of the same insect and the same flower. Enjoy.

Thank you my little hoverfly for being so cooperative!

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

This post is one day early.  We are having internet problems. I need to post whenever it is available. Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday’s Photos

Small Sample of the Flowers in our Yard

Two weeks ago we looked at the Alberta rose as it dominated with its soft colours and its very own peculiar pleasant smell the landscape across the three western provinces of Canada. Today it is time to view some of the many flowers of our own yards in the Arrow Lake region. Here are five flowers that attracted my attention today. The bottom flower is actually a weed and I would have pulled it, if its tiny petals had not ‘cried out’ not to do it. The flower head across does not measure more than 3 mm and its beauty can only be appreciated when taken as a macro photo. If anyone knows the name of this lovely flower, let me know.


Heaven’s Portal for the Bees


Flower of an unknown Ornamental Shrub


Rose Buds after the Rain


Pansy’s Intricately Lined Face


Tiny Weed and yet so Pretty

Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lakes

Wednesday’s Photos

The Magic of Water Droplets

Recently Jodi’s poetic blog ‘creative life in between’ inspired me to search in my archives for some photos with water droplets. And just yesterday I viewed some more water droplets in Gerhard’s blog ‘kopfundgestalt’.

The five photos show the wonders of the inner life of a water droplet. You may find in them reflections of the outside world, when hit by the sun rays at just the right angle they shine like the finest diamonds, and if you look hard enough, you may find yourself encapsulated in the eternal beauty of the most precious element of life. Welcome to the world of macro photography! Enjoy.

drops 1drops 3drops 4drops 5drops 2