Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

This post is one day early.  We are having internet problems. I need to post whenever it is available. Thank you for your understanding.

Wednesday’s Photos

Small Sample of the Flowers in our Yard

Two weeks ago we looked at the Alberta rose as it dominated with its soft colours and its very own peculiar pleasant smell the landscape across the three western provinces of Canada. Today it is time to view some of the many flowers of our own yards in the Arrow Lake region. Here are five flowers that attracted my attention today. The bottom flower is actually a weed and I would have pulled it, if its tiny petals had not ‘cried out’ not to do it. The flower head across does not measure more than 3 mm and its beauty can only be appreciated when taken as a macro photo. If anyone knows the name of this lovely flower, let me know.


Heaven’s Portal for the Bees


Flower of an unknown Ornamental Shrub


Rose Buds after the Rain


Pansy’s Intricately Lined Face


Tiny Weed and yet so Pretty

16 thoughts on “Natural Splendour of the Arrow Lake

  1. The little one looks to me like a forget-me-not (Vergissmeinnicht) or myosotis. The wild form has these microscopic flowers. There are garden varieties with larger flowers, and, of course, they have to temper with the colour … and this blue is so fantastic!

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  2. Quite some variety of flowers. I suppose all of them grow in wilderness and without any care. You can try reverse image search by uploading picture of unknown flower for finding information. There are a couple of websites for this.

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  3. The flowers are all so beautiful, Peter. Thank you for sharing. The last flower is the forget-me-not, Alaska’s state flower. (We did not want to be forgotten.) They are small flowers but the domesticated ones are a little bigger than the wild ones. It is so fun to find tiny flowers that could so easily overlooked. I believe the flower was telling you not to forget it and you didn’t pull it. Beautiful!

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  4. I enjoyed your flower pictures, Peter. I watch different little flowers bloom on our property throughout the spring and summer and I have no idea what they are! I should do a little research. I’m impressed that you recognize as many as you do in your neck of the woods. Great shots!

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  5. Hello Peter, I hope your virtual problems will soon be resolved. I will reblog in 8 days a post of your blog SUMMER IN FAUQUIER so you know this in advance. Best regards @ Ulli


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