Hiking in the Spring – Part III

A Spring Walk around Fauquier, BC

 In February I tried very hard to show beauty on a foggy and drizzly day. But this time in the middle of a gorgeous spring, I don’t even have to try. Nature has fully sprung into action. With its dandelion-speckled meadows, the fragrance of apple blossoms in the air, birds twittering in the cedar trees,  with its glorious presence Nature is creating a more joyful mood. Today I suggest a more leisurely walk around our beautiful community. If you take the time to stop often to look at the landscape and listen to the birds chant their cheerful songs, you will need about 40 minutes to complete the loop.


Google Earth Map of Fauquier with the red dot marking the starting and end point of the walk around the loop

01We start our walk at the General Store, where a bed of tulips adds color to the country store.

02Going west on the commercial street, we walk past a colonnade of trees.

03At the motel we turn left and begin a gentle climb.

05The St. John the Baptist Church looks beautiful any time of the year, but especially now in springtime.

06There is hardly a house in Fauquier that does not have trees and shrubs to beautify its yard.

10The trees have grown so tall you cannot see our house on Google Earth any more.

12A neighbor farther up the hill is completed surrounded by shrubs and trees.

13After you have reached this large property on the left at the top of the loop, the road begins to level off.

14Now it is going downhill with a wonderful view of the Arrow Lake down in the valley.

15You walk alongside a murmuring brook, where the first shoots of wild mint are emerging from the water.

17Turning around under a flowering chestnut tree, you look back on the hillside road you’ve just come from.

18Turning into the opposite direction, you see the Fauquier Elementary School, where I have been teaching from 1976 to 2000. It is now closed and houses the Fauquier Communication Centre.

19You now cross Highway 6 and savor the fantastic view of the lake across the Fauquier golf course.

20Taking the pathway parallel to the highway, you complete the loop by going past the club house.

West Kootenays in Perfect Harmony with the Seasons

Happy Easter!

On a recent walk around town I talked to a neighbor, who like me is also making his daily round. I mentioned to him that I had observed over the years that nature in our little community was as perfectly as it can get in synchrony with the seasons. As surely as we have snow for Christmas, Mother Nature begins to stir in the West Kootenays on or around the spring equinox.

My neighbor agreed, “We are sitting on the right time line here in God’s country.”

Yes, I know that down at the coast, people enjoy the blooming of snowdrops in early February and golfers in Victoria are playing their favorite game on New Year’s Eve. But I like to experience the quarterly changes that best symbolize our journey through life.

Here are a few photos I have taken only a few days ago showing the beauty of vernal awakening in the budding of trees, bushes and flowers. The promise of new life is also evident in the spiritual renewal we may find in the celebration of Easter every year in spring.

There are more pictures on my Flickr site. To view them just click on the tab with the blue and red dot above the header.

Frohe Ostern! Joyeuses Pâques! Happy Easter!