Summer 2016 – Part II

Action-packed Visit by our Son Richard and our Grandchildren Mateo, Azure and Emeline

Klopp Family Chart I – IV & V

Richard and his Children Spending Happy Hours at the Beach
Richard and his Children Spending Happy Hours at the Beach

A week after our family reunion on Galiano Island (see previous post) Richard and his children dropped in for a month-long visit. There were many joyful moments, such as horsing around with the grandchildren on our yard and at the beach, picking beans with Azure, appreciating and praising Mateo’s daily progress weeding in the garden, playing board games like Agricola and Settlers of Catan, watching Richard’s creative works of statue building, chatting with our visitors from Montreal, just to name a few of the highlights.

Opa pulling his Granddaughters across our Yard
Opa pulling his Granddaughters across our Yard
Richard and Emeline Relaxing in Mateo's Hammock
Richard and Emeline Relaxing in Mateo’s Hammock
One of many of Richard's Creation at the Beach
One of many of Richard’s Creations at the Beach
All dressed up for the Nakusp Medieval Days
All dressed up for the Nakusp Medieval Days
Splashing Contest with Biene at Taite Creek
Splashing Contest with Biene at Taite Creek
Azure and Emeline Eating a Snack on our Deck
Azure and Emeline Eating a Snack on our Deck
Mateo teaching his sister Azure a Board Game
Mateo teaching his Sister Azure a Board Game

Yet, there were also stressful times caused by the unfortunate timing of the visit that coincided with the impending demolition of our home, which had given us warmth and shelter for the past 40 years. I had to focus on moving furniture into make-shift shelters, and on planning and preparing for the new modular home, which our son Michael had ordered to be built for our golden years.

Biene swimming at an Island Beach
Biene swimming at an Island Beach

When things were at times too hectic and chaotic with the daily household routines, I often took my wife for a canoe ride so we could relax for a couple of hours at a lonely beach of a small island near the Needles ferry terminal.

P. Klopp Family Reunion July 2016

In early July our family gathered on Galiano Island. This was definitely a major highlight in the lives of all family members. In addition to strengthening the bond of our family that is scattered all over Canada and the world, it  was also a celebration of Gertrud’s and my golden anniversary. We spent four glorious days with the finest weather on this beautiful Gulf Island. The participants were our son Richard from Montreal with our three grandchildren Mateo, Azure, and Emeline, Anthony and his partner Lisa from Victoria, Michael and his wife Angie from Vernon, Stefan and his partner Laura from Vancouver. Unfortunately, our eldest son Robert could not attend, as he had just started a new engineering job in Germany. The video below will tell the entire story. Enjoy!

Back on Track

To all my friends and followers I am sending out my apologies for resuming later than promised my blogging activities. As I am relaxing in the sunshine of a glorious late summer day at our favourite Taite Creek campground on our beautiful Arrow Lake, I am typing up the major themes of the Klopp Family blog for the coming fall and winter.

Keeping Company with Blue Herons

Before I delve into that I wish to express my sincere regret front having had the time to read and appreciate our posts during the last couple of weeks. The summer months – normally already very busy with travels, visiting family and friends, and activities away from the computer – turned out to be extremely strenuous and stressful this summer, although the events also brought a lot of joy into our hearts. After our family reunion on Galiano Island, our son Richard, our grandson Mateo, and the two granddaughters Azure and Emeline spent their vacation with us in July and August. Unfortunately, this was also the time of preparation for the removal of our old house to be replaced by a new modular home, which our son Michael ordered for us to be built on the site of the demolished house.

Early Morning Magic at Taite Creek Campground – Photo Credit: Gertrud Klopp

So you know now why I am writing this introductory post at the campsite. For my wife and I are practically homeless for the next couple of weeks and have to make do in our small travel trailer.

For the fall and winter season, I will focus on the following themes:

The Peter and Gertrud Klopp Story (continued)

Revamping and Improving the Family Trees

Fauquier – Nature’s Beauty in the West Kootenays (continued)

Fauquier – Its History (continued)

Aunt Anna – Baroness of Von Waldenfels

Local Enterprises and Cottage Industries

Contributions by Family Members in German

Family Review of Summer 2016

Without home access to the Internet I will publish at the beginning just one or two posts per week. I am looking forward to read again all your posts and am really excited to find out what is going on in your part of the world.

Last Summer’s Family Reunion in Videos – Part I

Even though I have fully embraced computer and digital technology, I have two problems with both. It has to do with their miniature size. On the cameras I find it often difficult to use the tiny buttons with which to control the settings. On the small SD cards fit thousands of images. If you happen to misplace the card or worse you accidentally erase the files, the loss of these visual treasures could cause a lot of pain. This almost happened to me, when my precious video files from last summer went missing and I had almost given up of ever finding the SD card again. As it turned out, I had put it in a “safe” place, a special card holder not much larger than a Canadian dollar coin. Recently I rummaged through my camera bag. Guess what, I found the card. The result is the video report of our family reunion 2014.

Introducing the Family on the Plank

Having Fun on the Paddle Boards


Our Son Richard and Granddaughters Azure and Emeline

Last Day of their Visit at the Grandparents

Today was a rainy day and was ideal to do some indoor activities. I was very eager to make a video recording of Azure practicing her violin. Also, I always wanted to read to Azure from the French children’s book ‘Le Petit Nicolas’. We were fortunate this morning that we found Azure completely cooperative. I admit though that I made use of a little bribery by offering a piece of chocolate as a reward. When she was done with the performance she was so proud of her success that she almost forgot to collect her prize. In the afternoon there was a little break in the weather and we went down to the beach to give the kids a chance to catch some fresh air and play in the sand.

The time went so fast. Tomorrow morning Richard and his sweet little daughters are heading back to Kelowna to catch the plane back to Montreal. We are a little sad, but there will always be a next, God willing.


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